A Comprehensive Study on Blue Eyes Technology Consuming Non-Natural Intellect

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTV9IS030048

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A Comprehensive Study on Blue Eyes Technology Consuming Non-Natural Intellect

R. Priyadharsini

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Applications,

Sri Krishna Arts and Science, Coimbatore , India.

Abstract:- The world of science and technology has improved a lot in many areas. It is developed like ocean in many fields. Many developments prove that how a human brain can think in many aspects of development. The scientist had a thought of after inventing Google assistant, that if goggle assistant can make makes job easy without typing in goggle related applications and can control the calls with our voice in device .This created a huge impact in technology and society

.So this made many scientist to think that when we invent a device or application which can sense the users mind by facial recognition, speech etc. So, it would create a friendly environment to system users. Then they also thought if a system can detect a human brain and respond the answer to the user how it will be that was the question running over minds of many scientist. Then later they invented a technology called BLUE EYES TECHNOLOGY. These blue eyes technology can detect the human feelings through a device. It can detect a feeling by eyes, speech recognition, it can also understand our mood and feelings. It can also react to our commands given by the user. This technology created a boom in which human can collaborated to systems. This sensing technology in blue eyes can extract the key information from the user. The reason for the success of this blue eyes technology is that the computer senses the humans feelings.

Keywords:- Blue eyes technology, Bluetooth, reorganization, emotion, visual reality, human interaction, communication, technology, Information Procurement component, Vital Scheme Component.


    In todays world, people spend most of their time in sitting in front of the computer by gathering information, watching movies, chatting, etc. Blue eyes technology is the Blue refers to Bluetooth and Eye refers to seeking information from our feelings. This technology was created to give computer human power like sensing the emotions of the User. This technology can identify our emotions and understand our emergency situation. It understands our emotions while just touching the mouse. From there it can get our information and scene our feeling.

    This reduce the half work of the user and it create a stress-free IT Field. This technology when it is implemented in all the working places it reduces human error with leads to many mess or complication. It can scene our feelings through Bluetooth with transmit information from that sensors to eyes. The reason for choosing eyes to contribution is, in our body the major parts of facial reaction is done by our eyes. By seeing the eyes of one person we can judge their

    R.V Harini

    Research Scholar, Computer Science and Applications,

    Sri Krishna Arts and Science, Coimbatore , India.

    feelings, so we can understand ones behaviour with is eyes. There are many technologies in blue eyes such as it is Used in Bluetooth technology for connecting devices. It is used to gather accurate biometrics results for the patient. This technology helps to detect users mood and adopt according to it. It is used in field of virtual reality to understand the users feeling and give results according to it. It also gives many additional information to the users more than their thoughts.


    [1] The general frame work in the blue eye technology is the users can enjoy all the entertainment fields with the help of touch and feel. The outcome involves all the applications of real life uses in day to day life and then it also involves many features of games and advertisements. [4] A General framework by Santosh K. Gaikwad and Bharti W. Gawali, represented the concepts in sensing the blue eyes technology because it is considered as a important features for human to computer mode. [ 8] In the paper of Reddy, K. described the advantages and dis advantage of artificial intelligence and the ways how to use them in real life. In Paper [2] Priya R. Baghe, blue eyes technology involves the creation of many new methods and modules in the fields of many applications and real-world entities by eye contact and voice input. [7] The main idea of the author is to give the computer the power to collect the human emotions and react according to it, human eye moments and facial reactions of human than react to it like a friend. [5] In this study of blue eyes technology we can get view of Bluetooth how it pays the major factor to the blue eyes and we can interact to this technology with our feelings and emotions. [9] Amir Aly and Adriana Tapus has taken a different idea that interact a human robot which will able to understand the feelings of the human and able to interact between them. [7]A general algorithm by Renu Nagpal, Pooja Nagpal at all creates a new technique which involve a term called biometric, it uses human behaviours and activity to detect the output.


    Blue eyes technology consists of,

    1. Mobile measuring device (or) Information Procurement component (IPC).

    2. Vital Scheme Component (VSC).

    1. Mobile Measuring Device (or) Information Procurement Component (IPC):

      In Fig 1. is used to detect the correct signal to the system as a mobile component system. The main function of it is to collect the physical and logical data from the sensor to forward that to Vital Scheme Component (VSC) to process. IPC incorporates various hardware modules such as system-core Bluetooth section, Atmel 89C52 microcontroller, EEPROM, Beeper, LCD display (HD44780), LED indicator, voltage level monitors and 6 AA batteries. DAU incorporates various hardware modules such as system-core Bluetooth section, Atmel 89C52 microcontroller, EEPROM, Beeper, LCD display (HD44780), LED indicator, voltage level monitors and 6 AA batteries.

      Fig.1 Information Procurement Component.

    2. Vital Scheme Component (VSC):

      Vital Scheme Component is a remote system. This remote system associated in blue eyes technology. This central system unit primarily contains code Pulse Code Modulation (PCM). In Fig 2. reveal the video and database connections.

      Fig.2 Vital Scheme Component

      This code can be normally utilized for voice data transmission and it can remote Bluetooth module. It is used as mini jacket that can be attached for utilization of sound information gathering.


    There are different measures of centrality used in Emotional Sensor:





        There are two types of hand emotional sensors they are:

        1. EMOTION MOUSE

        2. SEMITIC MOUSE

    4.1.1 EMOTION MOUSE:

    Emotional mouse is like common mouse that we use in our normal computers but they have many components that are useful to detect the feeling of the user. These types of mouse include the features like recognising face, gesture, eye tracking etc. It has an adopting mechanism to adopt to different mood to users wish. Comparing to other device in blue eyes technique this emotional mouse has highest performance. It has Brain Computer Interface (BCF). This BCF is useful in making the system smart and adoptive. This emotional mouse can even identify users fear, happiness, anger, surprise, tired, hate, etc. Ths can gather information by simple touch by the user, its scene the hole emotion and deliver information according to that users wish. The emotional mouse can also be defined as tracking emotions of the user by simple touch on the mouse and it is an input device to track the emotions of the user.

    4.1.2. SEMITIC MOUSE:

    Semitic mouse is modified mouse comparing to normal computer and it is also different from emotional mouse. It has some components different from emotional mouse. Its work is also to identify the users information.


        There are three types in eyes emotional sensors:



        3. EYE TRACKING


    It is an easy wearable and comfortable device. Any user can try this glass. It will feel like virtual reality glass. The glass will scene the users interest level and give the information. By sensing the users expression, information will be given to the user.


    Magic pointer deals with the eyes glaze pointing method. This method gives excellent mouse pointing method to the computer. Selecting and controlling the cursor can be manually maintained by glaze tracking mechanism its also called as magic pointing. Its advantage is it has good accuracy and it has good speed in operations.

    4.2.3.EYE TRACKING:

    When light source hit the eyes that rays from the eyes that reflect to that device, this is called eye tracking.



    For artificial intelligence speech recognition technology is very important. Microphone is considered as input to collect our voice. While using microphone our voice tone, noise level, grammar is very important. Microphone is important of influence the speech recognition system. The manner we speak is very important in this recognition system. It delivers the output based on the users input level. Artificial intelligence has two basic ideas that are:

    1. The first process involves in the study of human beings.

    2. Second it deals with collecting that process and representing to machines (E.g.: Robots).

    Artificial intelligence means machines that performs humans actions or behaviour. It has Natural Language Processing (NPL). It refers to communication with computer with natural language. The main use of Natural Language Processing program is to understand the input and performs action based on that input. The words which is given as input by us are scanned by the computer that match the information in the system which is internally stored in the system that is called words. In this way a user can communicate with the computer with his language.


    The Technology can be used in automobiles for simple touch computer device. Electric power stations for sensing the measures of current. Generic control rooms use this technology for sensing. Used by flight communication and control purpose for accurate voice transmission. Medical people use this technology for operation. Used in robots and military purpose. Used in household gadgets and control system in our rooms. Used highly in speech recognition.


    To speak about the blue eyes technology advantages, it has high accuracy and fast in speed. Compared to other technology there is no need of high physical effort comparing manual level. this technology gives different forms of information. We can make proper and accurate survey in biometrics field. It can recognise figure print and its wheel secured than other technology. It makes less error compared to manual works in technological field. This technology even uses biometrics for accurate results.


    Its not basically affordable by common people. This technology can assess by well knowledge people. The system and its cost are bulky. There are many health issues in using many devices in blue eyes technology like expression glass and eye tracker. Its really not reliable and make people addict to this technology.


      Todays world is growing up with many technologies. Blue eyes technology is very useful in many aspects of Technology. It provides user a friendly and interactive environment. It makes the users job simple. When a person starts to work in blue eyes technology, will like this technology because it is easy to work. Eyes movement and wireless technology makes users interesting to use this technology. This technology will reach high in one day and reach our mobile phones. In future this technology will bloom the technology market. This is a technological forecast.


In future blue eyes technology helps us to detect our humour easily and can monitor our fitness with the single touch. We can also implement this technology with GPS and its used to detect our car travelling route. The Technology also support to detect the people condition with reverence to meteorological conditions. We can also implement the technique in house hold electric device, with the help of our vision. It will deeply reduce the space between humans and electronics appliances. We can use in army and security control. In army we can restrict the terrorists by coming in the borders and with the help of biometrics found in the security camera to detect the person at remote spaces.

We can provide an advance development plans by using the technique, for this technology the security camera should be connect with the detecting sensors .For security purpose for house we can restrict strangers by entering in our private spaces .When the security camera finds a stranger (mismatch of biometrics) it will give a call to the police and

gives an alarm sound to us. While connecting the technique with computer it provides us to work as friend. It can be used in medical field where it detects the patients physiological mood then giving counselling to them. Using eye movement, we can lock and unlock our details in devices that we use in real time. It has a limitless module involve in this technology where we can find many interesting developments in our real life.


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