ICITMSEE - 2018 (Volume 6 - Issue 10)

Premeditated Analysis of Labour Productivity in Construction Project
| Total Downloads : 25
Authors : M. Dhivakar Karthick, M. Karthi Prasadh, R. Dhanalakshmi
Experimental Study on Strength Behaviour of Concrete Block with Partial Replacement of ?Expanded Polystyrene Beads?
| Total Downloads : 17
Authors : M. Dhivakar Karthick, S. Bhagavath Ramya, R. Bharathi, R. Mullainathan
Application of Lean Construction to Improve Material Management in Construction Project
| Total Downloads : 40
Authors : M. Dhivakar Karthick, S. Vimal Kumar, J. Sujith, K. Praveenth
Impacts of Long Term Irrigation of Treated Paper Mill Effluent on Groundwater in Karur Block
| Total Downloads : 32
Authors : A. Meignanamoorthi, S. Satheeshkumar
An Investigation of Energy Efficient using Phase Changing Material (PCM)
| Total Downloads : 29
Authors : S. M. Saravanan, M. S. Mukundan, S. Prasanth, S. Gopinath
Effect of Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Artificial Sand
| Total Downloads : 28
Authors : Mr. M. Vijay, Mr. S. Satheeshkumar, Mr. N. Muthu Selvakumar, Mr. N. Guruvignesh4
A Combined Inflated Airbed and Additional Booster System for Emergency Landing
| Total Downloads : 164
Authors : Elavarasan. E, Venugopal. M, David Andrews. V, Kamlesh Kumar. M
Design of Accelerated Wind Mill with Hollow Section of Blades
| Total Downloads : 95
Authors : Elavarasan. E, Hari Haran. R, Aravinthsamy. K, Jegan. T, Harish.V
Tribological Test on Copper based Hybrid Composite Material
| Total Downloads : 21
Authors : Sachin S Raj, Elavarasan E, Arundeva. S, Devaraj. S, Gokulraj. E, Govindharasu. C
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer on Plate Fin Heat Exchanger at Different Fin Pitches with Ceramic Coating
| Total Downloads : 51
Authors : K. Ranjithkumar, M. Santhoshkumar, R. Periyasamy
Experimental Investigation for Optimizing Parameter of Vortex Tube for Sustainable Heating System
| Total Downloads : 20
Authors : R. Dhineshkumar, D. Ashokumar
Investigation of Solar Water Heating System with Phase Change Materials
| Total Downloads : 35
Authors : Vignesh M., Satheeshkumar P
Experimental Analysis on Development of Tool Holder for Chamfering Bend Tubes
| Total Downloads : 31
Authors : G. Saravanana, R. Jeganb, T. Karmukilanb, M. Karthikeyanb, M. Kiruphakaranb
Integration of Offensive and Defensive System for Women Protection
| Total Downloads : 26
Authors : Rajarathinam D. R. P,Raja. G, Sakthivel. V, Sivakumar. S, Vigneshwaran. G. C,Jeelan Raj. C
Design and Fabrication of Mini Refrigerator with Thermoelectric Cooling
| Total Downloads : 62
Authors : Elavarasan E, Saravanan S, Abhishek Kumar, Anaitullah, Ashok Sah, Karan Kumar S
Hydrogen Fired Steam Boilers
| Total Downloads : 80
Authors : Mr. E. Elavarasan, ME., S. Sivaraj, M. Y. Tamilselvan, V. Vijayaragavan, P. Vignesh
Design and Fabrication of Mini Solar Refrigerator
| Total Downloads : 78
Authors : Selvaraj M, Elavarasan E, Babloo Kumar Sah, Chandan Kumar, Dhananjay Kumar Ram, Krishn Pratap Singh
Study of Hardness Test on Copper Alloy Reinforced with Ceramics for Marine Applications
| Total Downloads : 26
Authors : Sachin S Raj, Elavarasan E, Uday Kumar, Sumit Kumar, Shravan Kumar, Sarvesh Kumar

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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