ICIATE - 2018 (Volume 6 - Issue 12)

The New Face of Organized Crime and its Security
| Total Downloads : 3
Authors : Ritu Sharma, Kunal Shriwas, Shilpa Jaiswal, Jyoti Gurav
The Method of Covering and Hiding Secret Data by using Various Methods: Steganography
| Total Downloads : 2
Authors : Devendra Mhatre, Rahul Yadav, Shweta Jha, Akansha Bhargava
Zigbee Based Wireless Voice To Text Translator
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Pooja Dinde, Ruchita Hanchina, Sakshi Tale, Milind Kadlag
Global Positioning System
| Total Downloads : 2
Authors : Nikita Kanabar, Urmil Doshi, Shweta Jha, Akansha Bhargava
Smart Garbage Separation Robot with Image Processing Technique
| Total Downloads : 2
Authors : Rani Rokade, Avdhesh Maurya, Vaishnavi Khade, SwetaTandel, Prof. Jyoti Mali
Efficient Plant Layout Design of a Small Scale Textile Industry-A case study
| Total Downloads : 3
Authors : Mr. S. B. Naik, Dr. Srikant Kallurkar

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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