ETCEA - 2K18 (Volume 6 - Issue 06)

Sanitation of Killiriver
| Total Downloads : 25
Authors : Silpa S Vijayan, Jinoj J, Sukanya I S, Sruthi S, Asst. Prof. Mr. Adarsh M. S,
Managing Traffic Congestion Using GIS ? A Case Study in Attingal Town
| Total Downloads : 60
Authors : Anjana U, Ashtami Hari, Ayana Asok G, Greeshma M J, Riya Sreekumar, Anoja B V
Strength Characteristic Study of Polyester Fiber Reinforced Concrete
| Total Downloads : 31
Authors : Alex Tharun P J, Nishma V Mohan, Aswathy L S, Sruthy Sreekumar, Aparna A V
Strength Characteristic Study of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
| Total Downloads : 37
Authors : Mr. Alex Tharun P J, Nishma V Mohan, Aswathy L S, Sruthi Sreekumar, Aparna A V
Experimental Analysis of Strength of Concrete Pavement Using Flex
| Total Downloads : 44
Authors : Alex Tharun P. J, Aneesha S Pushpan, Anjitha U. G, Jasmine Johnson, Megha Thomas, Priya P, Shifa.K
Experimental Investigation on Strength Properties of Nylon Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pavements
| Total Downloads : 51
Authors : Alex Tharun P J, Aneesha S Pushpan, Anjitha U G, Jasmine Johnson, Megha Thomas, Priya P, Shifa K
Analytical Study on Shear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beam with Varying Shapes of Web Opening
| Total Downloads : 29
Authors : Swathy S Pillai, Alice Johny
Seismic Analysis of Rectangular and Circular RC Elevated Water Tank
| Total Downloads : 37
Authors : Salitha Elizabeth Ninan, Afia S Hameed
Effect of Different Geometries on Fatigue Life of Existing Corrugated Girders
| Total Downloads : 31
Authors : Sreelekshmi R, Er. Sanju Mary Sobichen
Parametric Study on Seismic Behaviour of Setback Buildings
| Total Downloads : 24
Authors : Resmi Vinod, Nimiya Rose Joshuva
Effect of Short Column Behavior on the Seismic Performance of a Reinforced Concrete Structure on Sloping Lot
| Total Downloads : 58
Authors : Reshma B, Philip Manoj C M
Study on Effect of Concrete Compressive Strength and Column Shape on Punching Shear Stress in Flat Plate Systems
| Total Downloads : 45
Authors : Rebecca Aswathy Joseph, Lakshmi P.
Experimental Study on Strength Characteristics of Self ?Healing Concrete with Fly Ash
| Total Downloads : 39
Authors : Milan Joy, Sneha M Varghese
Effect of Mechanical Anchorages on Development Length
| Total Downloads : 32
Authors : Mephin Mathew Jose, Afia S. Hameed
The Effect of Confinement Spacing on the Load Carrying Capability of Short Column
| Total Downloads : 31
Authors : Lida Jacob, Lakshmi. P
Analytical Study on Effect of Dimensions of Tapered Cover Plates and vertical stiffeners on Replaceable I-Beam to CHS Column Joint
| Total Downloads : 24
Authors : Lijin M Varughese, Er.Alice Johny
Dynamic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beam Column Joint Strengthened with Concrete Jacketing
| Total Downloads : 48
Authors : Kathu Pradeep, Ajesh. K. Kottuppillil
Study on Seismic Behavior of RC Structures with Different Parameters of Haunched Beam
| Total Downloads : 56
Authors : Jeethu Ponnachan, Vincy Koshy
Experimental Study on Improvement in Axial Load Carrying Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Columns Strengthened with Ferrocement Technique
| Total Downloads : 25
Authors : Hebru M J, Pinky Merin Philip
The Effect of Wing Wall Configurations on Seismic Response of Girder Bridges
| Total Downloads : 37
Authors : Chippy K Sanal, Vincy Koshy

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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