NCICCNDA - 2017 (Volume 5 - Issue 22)

An Radio Frequency Identification Based Door Access System
| Total Downloads : 13
Authors : Smruthi.K.M, Karthick Shastry
A Comparative Study on the Effects of Additive and Multiplicative Noises in the Ultra Sound Despeckling
| Total Downloads : 35
Authors : P Nidheesh, P. Nikesh, Aishwarya Rajeev
Biker Safety on Aftermath of Accident
| Total Downloads : 23
Authors : Hari Krishnan, M S Sowmya, Sandeep Kumar, Sahu Sumit Jain
An Active Trust: Secure and Trustable Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
| Total Downloads : 22
Authors : Kavya K G, Dr. Sarika Tale
An Intelligent Ultrasonic Helmet System for Miner
| Total Downloads : 26
Authors : Chandrashekar S, Dr. Sarika Tale
Invigilator System using Internet of Things in Precision Cultivation
| Total Downloads : 28
Authors : Suraj B S, Chaitrashree R, Parvathi S J
Satispay for Online Shopping in Smart Android Phones
| Total Downloads : 21
Authors : Chetan S P, Navile Nageshwara, Nikitha Kaveriappa, Ms. Meghashree R
Implementing the Voip Communication with Asterisk as Server using Raspberry Pi
| Total Downloads : 12
Authors : Dr. H D Phaneendra, Mrs.Sowmya C T
Reinforced Dynamic Source Routing Protocol for the Mitigation of Blackhole Attacks on Manets
| Total Downloads : 13
Authors : Bhavana K S, Ravi P
A Study on Network Lifetime of Wsns by using Different Modlation and Clustering Techniques
| Total Downloads : 25
Authors : Kavya P, Shabana Sultana
Prototype Designing of Coin Based Sensing Water Filling System
| Total Downloads : 29
Authors : Prabhakaran M. N, Sampath. A
Survey on Preventing Data Theft in Private Cloud
| Total Downloads : 25
Authors : M C Lavanya, Kavana M D
Performance Analysis of NOMA and TDMA under Channel State Information
| Total Downloads : 19
Authors : Vanita Kaba, Dr. Rajendra Patil
Techniques used for Processing H.264/AVC Video Stream
| Total Downloads : 31
Authors : Vinay D R, Jogesh V Motwani
A Review on Localization Process and Localization Measurement Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
| Total Downloads : 25
Authors : Shwetha Rani K P, Dr. S. Meenakshi Sundaram
Data Aggregation Techniques Over Wireless Sensor Network- A Review
| Total Downloads : 23
Authors : Shilpa S G, Dr. S. Meenakshi Sundaram
Analyse Electoral Performance of Parliament Using Hadoop
| Total Downloads : 20
Authors : K. Sai Prasad, K. Shekar, G. Prabhakar Reddy, K. Sai Teja
Software Defined Monitoring For 5G Mobile Backhaul Networks
| Total Downloads : 19
Authors : Priyanka R, Darshan Kumar P, Shreelakshmi C M, Khateeja Ambareen
Protected Data Reclamation For Decentralised Disruption-Forbearing In Wireless Sensor Network
| Total Downloads : 16
Authors : Tejaswini B, Ashwini S, Shilpashree S
A Survey on Cyberbullying
| Total Downloads : 33
Authors : Prasanna Kumar G, Sudeep J, Chandru A. S

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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