NCETAIT - 2017 (Volume 5 - Issue 06)

Non Word Oriented Stream Cipher to Enhance Security
| Total Downloads : 22
Authors : Sannidhan M S, Abhir Bhandary, Pradeep Nazareth
Effective Emotion Recognition of Expressions from Facial Features
| Total Downloads : 21
Authors : Jason Elroy Martis, Dr. Balasubramani
Secured Trust Model in Cloud Computing-A Review
| Total Downloads : 21
Authors : Vani S. Reshmia, Praveen S. Challagidad
Design and Development of Tour Management System using Android
| Total Downloads : 29
Authors : Aishwarya Bhat, Joylin Rosario, Ayesha Thasneema, Judith Jennifer Rodrigues
Task Scheduling Technique in Cloud based on Optimized Virtual Machine Tree
| Total Downloads : 27
Authors : Reshma M, Benjanapadavu, Bantwal, D.K, Dr. Demian Antony D?mello
Automated Color based Object Sorting for Quality Control
| Total Downloads : 19
Authors : Vidya V V, Benjanapadavu, Bantwal, D.K, Mr. Suresha D
Utilizing Virtual Machines Efficiently using Synchronized Throttled Algorithm in Cloud
| Total Downloads : 17
Authors : Navyashree Shetty B Dr. Demian Antony D?Mello
Quantum Computing Networks against Hacking Threat
| Total Downloads : 30
Authors : Ameena Sultana
Design and Implementation of a Novel Device for Women Security using RFID and GSM Technologies
| Total Downloads : 25
Authors : Mr. Keerthankumar T G, Mrs.Hemavathi, Bhavya Sinha, Lakshmi H K, Priyanka N, Swathi K S
Gesture-based Flying Robot for Precision Agriculture
| Total Downloads : 12
Authors : Chandan H S, Ankitha Jain M B, Roja K N, Vivek B P, Shubha C
A Survey on weed Detection using Image Processing
| Total Downloads : 38
Authors : Basavarajeshwari, Prof. S. P. Madhavanavar
Viev Classification and Caption Analysis Based Technique for Goal Event Detection
| Total Downloads : 30
Authors : Vilas Naik, Vandana Athani
A Survey on Big Data
| Total Downloads : 22
Authors : Ashok Kashyap G C, Pooja B S
Cloud Computing
| Total Downloads : 35
Authors : Shree Raksha. M.P, Ms. Pooja.B. S
Multiple Feature based Speaker Authentication System
| Total Downloads : 47
Authors : Sanjeevakumar. M. Hatture, Reshmabanu M. N
A Fusion Model for Multimodal Biometric System
| Total Downloads : 30
Authors : Poornima Byahatti, Sanjeevkumar M. Hatture
A Model for Unconstrained Face Recognition System
| Total Downloads : 34
Authors : Madhura Shettar, Sanjeevakumar M. Hatture
Android Application for Vehicle Tracking System using Vehicle Number
| Total Downloads : 27
Authors : Mr.Manjunath J.P., Mr.Venugopal.H.
A Framework in Big Data Analytics using MapReduce for Education System
| Total Downloads : 36
Authors : Rakesh S Raj, Chandan C S, Monisha D P , Naveena A M , Rajini M R
Gesture Recognition using Vision based Multimodal Analyzer on face and body-A Review
| Total Downloads : 24
Authors : Vani R Pattanshetti, Dr. Mallikarjun M Kodabagi

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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