ICONNECT - 2017 (Volume 5 - Issue 13)

Wearable Sensor for Health Monitoring
| Total Downloads : 22
Authors : Ajit Velavan.A, Aswin.A, Ahil Kishore.A, Abdul Rahuman Rasith.P, T.Muruganantham
Multi inputs and single output DC-DC Converter for Renewable Energy Resources
| Total Downloads : 20
Authors : Sathish Kumar S, Vinoth Kumar S, Marutha Muthu M, Soundar A, Kumaresan A.
Low Power Asynchronous Domino Logic Pipeline Design by Dual Rail Logic Gates
| Total Downloads : 18
Authors : B. Pavithra, K. Priyanka, P. Venkateshwari, Mr. R. .Ponnangan
Modified Cross Dipole Antenna for Ku Band Satellite Application
| Total Downloads : 19
Authors : Venba B, Malaisamy K
Design and Analysis of a Compact Triple Band Printed Monopole Antenna for Wireless Applications
| Total Downloads : 20
Authors : K R Raakesh Raja, Sambhavi Singh, B Saravanan, K K Sripathiraj, S Ramesh
Design of Unit Cell Strucuture for MIMO Antenna
| Total Downloads : 18
Authors : S. Syedakbar, Monika Dharani G, Monika Dharani, Muthulakshmi A, AarthiJ
Reinforcing RF MEMS Capacitive Switch To Reduce Stress For Radar Application
| Total Downloads : 12
Authors : Divya Shree.M.S, Julie Valanteena.J, Kowshika.T.R, P. Thiruvalar Selvan
Pic using Biometric Active Touch Finger Print in ATM Machine
| Total Downloads : 13
Authors : V.Raghunath N.Saravanakumar
Analysis and Comparison of Various Types of Modified Microstrip Patch Antenna
| Total Downloads : 23
Authors : M. Kiruthika, K. Santhiya, A. Monita Sharon, C. Kiruthika, S. P. Cowsigan
Enhanced Fingerprinting and Trajectory Prediction for IOT Localization in Smart Buildings
| Total Downloads : 26
Authors : S. Kavipriya, V.Janani, R.Kalaivani
Spectrum Selection in 5G Using GA and PSO
| Total Downloads : 21
Authors : U.Aiswarya, S.Dharani
Implementation of Random Byte Hiding algorithm in Video Steganography
| Total Downloads : 12
Authors : K.Akshara, P.Pavithra, D.S.Abinaya, S.Aswath
A Novel Double C-Shaped Compact Wearable Substrate Antenna using Metamaterial for Dualband Applications
| Total Downloads : 24
Authors : B. Geeth Priya, T. Dhivya, T. Keerthana Devi, P. Thiruvalar Selvan
Multiple Application Self defence device
| Total Downloads : 23
Authors : P. Indhumathi, T. Manisha
Distributed Security & Profile Rate QOS in Handover Scheme
| Total Downloads : 136
Authors : Mrs Janaki A, Mrs Priyadharshini K
Performance Analysis of 8-channel & 16-channel Optical Fiber Using WDM System
| Total Downloads : 138
Authors : M. Preethi Anushiya, V. Sasirekha, S. Sumitha, A. Thasleen Banu, Ms. S. Geerthana
Survey on Wireless Technologies in Industrial Application
| Total Downloads : 13
Authors : T. Gobika, T. Nandhini, S. Suseela
Control of Brushless DC motor using Internet of Things
| Total Downloads : 20
Authors : P.Suresh, G.Ganesh shankar, A.Vijay, R.Sankar, Ms.C.Hemalatha
Miniaturized Implantable Loop Antenna for Biomedical Applications
| Total Downloads : 21
Authors : Dr. S. Suganthi, M. Noorjahan, Dr. P. Thiruvalar Selvan
Implementation of an Efficient Adaptive Feedback Equalization for Tunable Subthreshold Logic Circuits
| Total Downloads : 12
Authors : S. Ayesha A.Balasubramaniyan

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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