ICBA - 2016 (Volume 5 - Issue 12)

An Exploration of Jaipur?s Fungal Biodiversity for Ligninolytic Potential
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : Sunita Chauhan, Sushmita Aswal, Pradeep Bhatnagar
PDMS Based Air Pollution Detection Sensor Using Microfluidics Technology
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Sudhanshu Singh, Yuvraj Vidyadhar, Lav Ishan
National Conference on ?Impact of Climate Change on Air Quality, Biodiversity and Agriculture?
| Total Downloads : 2
Authors : Era Upadhyay, S. L. Kothari
Microfluidics Based Air Pollutants Detection Device by Using Solvent Cast Method
| Total Downloads : 6
Authors : Sudhanshu Singh, Sangeeta Shekhawat, Dipesh D. Shukla
Environmental Risk on Reproductive Health
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Nisha Bharti, Yatindra Kumar, Sandeep Tripathi, Surendra P. Gupta, Rajesh K. Kesharwani
Impacts of Harmful Emissions Nearby Chemical based Industries in Gujarat on Environment with Major Focus on Human Health and Methods to Scale down its Impacts-A Review
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Neelam Jain , Palak K. Lakhani, Satakshi Gupta
Influence of Environmental Factors on Distribution of Macrobenthos along the West Coast of India
| Total Downloads : 11
Authors : Shahin Badesab, Zakir Ansari, Siby Kurian, Damodar Shenoy, Hema Naik
Environmental Consequences of a Burning Coal Mine : A Case Study on Jharia Mines
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : Mayank Chhabra, Manishita Das Mukherji
Role of Indian Paddies to Enhance Global Warming and Ways to Mitigate Methane Production
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Kanikah Mehndiratta, M.D. Mukherji
Impact of Global Carbon Foot Print on Marine Environment
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : R. Sanjeevi, Muhammad Bello Haruna, Sandeep Tripathi, Bipin Kumar Singh, J. Anuradha
Novel Approach Towards Mitigation of Modern Agricultural Scenario: With A Special Reference to Amelioration of GCC Impacts
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : J. Anuradha, Manoj K. Maurya, Muhammad Bello Haruna, Sudhanshu Mishra, Sandeep Tripathi, R. Sanjeevi
The Case for Optimism on Climate Change
| Total Downloads : 11
Authors : Amit Sharma, Deepak Kachhot, Jereddy Manoj
Effect of Salinity Stress on Growth Performance of Lemongrass
| Total Downloads : 9
Authors : Dheeraj Kumar, Nishant Chauhan
Study of Indoor Air Quality in a Private University
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Debolina Majumdar, Anjali Dahiya, Vigi Chaudhary
Air Quality Status of Lucknow City?A Case Study
| Total Downloads : 6
Authors : Era Upadhyay, Mugdha Nayak, Jhumoor Biswas
Screening and Isolation of Tannin and Caffeine Degrading Microbes
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : Shailaja Mishra, Kanika Dudi, Shubhi Chawla, Shweta Kulshreshtha
Impact of Air Pollution caused by Mining and Marble Dust on Foliar Sensitivity through Biochemical Changes
| Total Downloads : 6
Authors : Anuj Soni, G. K. Aseri, Neelam Jain
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