SNCIPCE - 2016 (Volume 4 - Issue 25)

A Comparitive Study of Partial Replacement of Tapioca Powder for Cement in Concrete
| Total Downloads : 13
Authors : Keerthana. P. G , Geetha. K, Mr. N. Gopi
Bio-Ethanol and Citric Acid Production from Banana Peel and Pineapple Peel by Fermentation Process
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : K. Raagapriya, M. Sheela, R. Brindha, A. Rethna M. Shahul Hameed, M. Shanmugapriya
Experimental Study on Replacement of Coarse Aggregate by Weld Slag in Concrete
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Manoranjan. S A, Rashika. R, Parthiban. S
Experimental Investigation on Concrete with Partial Replacement of Bitumen Coated Coarse Aggregate
| Total Downloads : 10
Authors : K. ManojKumar, E. Ethaya Oviya, A. Kanimozhi, Mrs. K.Vairakannu
Experimental Investigation of Buckling Behaviorof Lipped Unequal Angle Cold Formed Steel Section Subjected to Compression
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : G. Mmrsharif, S. Janarthanan, Dr. G.Vani
Replacement of Coarse Aggregate using Steel Slag in Concrete
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Mani V, Dinesh Kumar S, Gaayathri Priya N, Poornima
Soft Computing Tool for Disaster Management
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : M. Mohana Priya Dr. Gulshan Taj M. N. A
Fire Resistant Design of Concrete Structure
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : R. Mahadevi, Dr. Gulshan Taj M.N.A.
Fire Resistant Design of Steel Structure
| Total Downloads : 18
Authors : B. Santhiya, Dr. Gulshan Taj M. N. A
Strength Modeling and Study of Blast Response on Concrete Compression Members with Micro Reinforcement
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : C. B. Berin ME, Nandhini Venugopal ME
Behaviour of Concrete Filled PVC Plastic Tubes (CFPT) Placed in Columns
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : A. Rajkumar, K. Madhavaraj, U. Umapathy
An Experimental Study on the Strength of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement by Rice Husk Ash
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Vignesh R, Suriya Prakash S, P. Saranya M. E,
Experimental Investigation on Strengthening of RC Beam Both Internally and Externally by using GFRP and GFRP Wraps
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : C. Raghavendra Reddy, R. Vignesh, R. R. Tharini,, V. Jayakumar
Evaluating the Effect of Bentonite, Steel Slag and Sodium Silicate on Strength and Durability of Concrete
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : Pradeep Kumar, Sabari Nathan
Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Copper Slag and Flyash for Fine Aggregate and Cement and PVA Fiber As Reinforcement in Concrete
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : A. Anbarasan, B. Sathish, Mr. U. Umapathy, M.Tech
Experimental Study of Particle Packing Analysis in Steel Slag Aggregate Concrete
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : Pushpanathan N, Devamani S, R. R. Tharini M. E
Experimental Study on Degradation of Plastics from Municipal Solidwaste
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : S. Satheeshkumar, M. Ramesh, M. Dhivakar Karthick, R. Sundari
Experimental Study on Lime Mortar using Flyash and Gallnut As Additives
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : B. Dhilipkumar, M. Dhivakar Karthick
Experimental Study on Strength Enhancement of Concrete using Magnetic and Normal Water
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : P. Sivakumar, E. Poornima
An Experimental Investigation on Performance of Headed Stud Connectors in Steel-Concrete Composite Beams
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : S. Revathi, Dr. S. Arul Mary, S. Bangarumythili

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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