PEMWN - 2015 (Volume 4 - Issue 04)

Parallel Programming Models: A Survey
| Total Downloads : 10
Authors : Rim Ketata, Lobna Kriaa, Leila Azzouz Saidane
Unmanned Aerial Systems: Overview and Open Challenges
| Total Downloads : 9
Authors : Mouna Elloumi, Hanen Idoudi, Leila Azouz Saidane, Riadh Dhaou, Beno?t Escrig
NDVN: Named Data for Vehicular Networking
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : Amine Kardi, Haifa Touati
3D Surface Covering with Virtual Forces
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Nadia Boufares, Leila Saidane, Ines Khoufi, Pascale Minet
Performance Evalution of an Erlang based Implementation of DDS
| Total Downloads : 9
Authors : Wafa Helali, Khaled Barbaria, Belhassen
Trust based Clustering Architecture for the Internet of Things
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : Oumaima Ben Abderrahim, Mouhamed Houcine Elhdhili, Leila Saidane
An Empirical Study of Unfairness and Oscillation, in ETSI DCC
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : Fatma Marzouk, Rachid Zagrouba, Anis Laouiti, Paul Muhlethaler, Leila Azzouz Saidane
Machine Learning and Popularity Prediction of a Video Content
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Nesrine Ben Hassine, Dana Marinca, Pascale Minet, Dominique Barth
Analysis of Broadcast Strategies and Network Parameters in IEEE 802.11p VANETs using Simple Analytical Models
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : Younes Bouchaala, Oyunchimeg Shagdar, Paul Muhlethaler
Comparative Study of IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.15.6 for WBAN-based CANet
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Hend Fourati, Sabri Khssibi, Thierry Val, Hanen Idoudi, Adrien Van Den Bossche, Leila Azzouz, Saidane
Privacy Preserving Approaches in Cloud Computing
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Mrabet Manel, Yosra ben Saied, Leila azzouz Saidane
Performance Evaluation of Video Traffic Models
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Wassim Abbessi, H?di Nabli
Towards the Definition and Performance Evaluation of a Trust-based Security Mechanism in a MANET Environment
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Aida Ben Chehida Douss, Ryma Abassi, Sihem Guemara El Fatmi
Secure Electronic Transaction via NFC
| Total Downloads : 9
Authors : Hela Kaffel Ben Ayed, Hajer Boujezza, Arwa Ben Farhat, Leila Saidane
Implementation of IEEE 802.15.4 Unslotted CSMA/CA Protocol on Contiki OS
| Total Downloads : 9
Authors : Hamadoun Tall, G?rard Chalhoub, Michel Misson
Conflict-Aware Relay Selection for Multicast in MUD based Wireless Networks
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : Asma Ben Hassouna, Hend Koubaa, Leila Azouz Saidane and Farouk Kamoun
Securing Data Storage in Cloud Computing
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : H. Guesmi, C. Ghazel and L. A. Saidane

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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