ICIDB - 2015 (Volume 4 - Issue 01)

Perception Analysis for University of San Carlos (USC) as an Educational Institution using Web Mining and Multinomial Na?ve Bayes Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 19
Authors : Angie M. Ceniza, Christian V. Maderazo, Mary Jane G. Sabellano
An Effective Security Model for Removing Distrustful Macros from Office Documents
| Total Downloads : 22
Authors : Somchai Chatvichienchai
Relationships of Factors for Successful ICT Projects Management
| Total Downloads : 22
Authors : Michiko Miyamoto
Contingent Effects of Information Technology Governance Styles on Decision Areas
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Taekyung Kim, Junghoon Moon
Application of Semantic Web Technologies for Learning Pattern of Storm Damages
| Total Downloads : 19
Authors : Quang-Khai Tran, Sa-Kwang Song, Jung-Ho Um
Too Much Preview, Too Little Sales?
| Total Downloads : 23
Authors : Angela A. Choi, Wonseok Oh, Jae Yun Moon, Daegon Cho
The Public Perception of Privacy Research and Analysis for open Data
| Total Downloads : 22
Authors : Chi-Cheng Chung, , Shu-Fen Chiou
Symmetric Microstrip Meanderspurline Bandstop Filter
| Total Downloads : 13
Authors : Bhanu Shrestha , Chae Bong Sohn
A Storage, Retrieval, and Application Platform for Ultra-Large-Scale Linked Data
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Yongju Lee, Jeonghong Kim, Changsu Kim
The Role of Out-of-Store and in-Store Social Interactions in Social Commerce
| Total Downloads : 14
Authors : Un-Kon Lee
On-Line Scheduling Algorithm for Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems with ACO and EDF
| Total Downloads : 17
Authors : Cheng Zhao, Myungryun Yoo, Takanori Yokoyama
Design of Compact-Size and High-Q Resonator with Composit of Folded Meander-Line and Spiral
| Total Downloads : 6
Authors : Ki-Cheol Yoon, Bhanu Shrestha, Kwang-Chul Son
Multiple-Antenna Techniques in Wireless Communication-Technical Aspects
| Total Downloads : 10
Authors : Jibendu Sekhar Roy
Stepped Impedance Resonator Bandstop Filter based on Hairpin Coupling Configurations
| Total Downloads : 10
Authors : Chang-Soon Kim, and Tae-Hyeon Lee, Bhanu Shrestha, Kwang-Chul Son
Design of Dual-Band Bandpass Filter with Controllable Bandwidth
| Total Downloads : 13
Authors : Tae-Hyeon Lee, Chang-Soon Kim, Bhanu Shrestha, Kwang-Chul Son
Hybrid Beam-Forming Algorithms for Planar Adaptive Antenna Array
| Total Downloads : 13
Authors : Jibendu Sekhar Roy, Anupama Senapati
Compact-Size and High-Q Meanderline Resonator for ITS Application
| Total Downloads : 18
Authors : Kwang-Chul Son, Bhanu Shrestha, Soon Chul Kwon, Ki-Cheol Yoon

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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