ETRASECT - 2016 (Volume 4 - Issue 12)

Calix[4]amidocrown Molecular Sensors for Fluoride and Arsenate Detection
| Total Downloads : 22
Authors : Pragati R Sharma, Vineet K Soni, Ganpat Chaudhary, Shubham Pandey, Rakesh K Sharma, Anand K Plappally
Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Ethyl 2-Oxo-2-Phenylacetate with Chiral Platinum Loaded on Carbon Fiber
| Total Downloads : 20
Authors : Poonam Sharma, Rakesh Kumar Sharma
New Ceramic Nanocomposite Filters for Fluoride Removal using Acacia Waste
| Total Downloads : 16
Authors : Ganpat Chaudhary, Pragati R Sharma, Vineet K Soni, Shubham Pandey, Rakesh K Sharma, Anand K Plappally, Vineet Kumar, Krishna Kumar Damolia, Hem Singh Meena
Organic Waste to Bioplastics
| Total Downloads : 21
Authors : Garima Goswami, Priyanka Purohit, Manisha Goswami
A Comparative Analysis of Seed Oil Composition in Different Species of Cleome and Future Scope from Arid Zone of Rajasthan
| Total Downloads : 22
Authors : Dr. Akleshwar Mathur
Biofuels ? Scavenger?s Hunt for Sustainable Development
| Total Downloads : 26
Authors : Sunita Parihar, Chetna Gomber
Microbial Ecology of Drinking Water Distribution Systems - A Study
| Total Downloads : 24
Authors : Dr. Kamini Sharma
Certain Integrals of Generalized Hypergeometric and Confluent Hypergeometric Functions
| Total Downloads : 10
Authors : Rajeev Kumar Gupta, Devendra Singh Rawat, Dinesh Kumar
A Review of basic Mathematical Transformation used in Image Processing
| Total Downloads : 22
Authors : Dr. Sandeep Mathur, Dr. Anjali Mathur, Nitesh Agarwal
An Analytical Review of Lossy Image Compression using n-TV Method
| Total Downloads : 27
Authors : Dr. Anjali Mathur, Nitesh Agarwal, Dr. Sandeep Mathur
A Review of Numerical Techniques of Solving Ordanary Differential Equations using C and C++ Languages.
| Total Downloads : 24
Authors : Rahul Solanki, Rakshak Solanki
Quantum Teleportation using Continuous Variables
| Total Downloads : 11
Authors : Mahindrasingh
A Survey of Security Attacks in M2M Communication
| Total Downloads : 19
Authors : Sunita Godara, Mr. Narendra Kumar
Design and Calibration of an Experimental Setup for 3-D Reconstruction of A Scene from Stereo Images
| Total Downloads : 14
Authors : Rachna Verma, A. K. Verma
Algorithms for Classification and Clustering
| Total Downloads : 19
Authors : Anamika Chaudhary, Rajeev K R Singh
A Comparative Study of Lossy Image Compression using FMM & THV=10
| Total Downloads : 12
Authors : Mr. Nitesh Agarwal, Mr. Ashutosh Vyas, Dr. Arif M. Khan
A Review on basics of Digital Image Processing
| Total Downloads : 20
Authors : Shubhra Mathur, Rajendra Purohit, Ashutosh Vyas
Mobile Communication: A Survey from 4G TO 5G
| Total Downloads : 21
Authors : Prof. Piyush Vyas, Prof. Manish Purohit, Prof. K. K. Arora
Smart Grid: The Future Grid of India
| Total Downloads : 9
Authors : Vineet Gehlot, Rakshit Parihar
Biomedical Application of Microwave in Cardiac Tissue Ablation: from in Vitro Analyses to Clinical use
| Total Downloads : 17
Authors : Asstt. Prof. Aastha Vyas

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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