ETMET - 2016 (Volume 4 - Issue 31)

A Comparative Study on Behavior of Stress Wave Propagation in Different Sheet Metals under Impact Loads
| Total Downloads : 33
Authors : Mr. Sandeep G M, Avinash D N
CFD Simulations of Various Shapes of Winglets
| Total Downloads : 12
Authors : Dr. Basawaraj, K. Prateekkumar R Kotegar, Lokesh. M. H
Mechanical Characterization of Al 7005/S Glass/Fly Ash Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
| Total Downloads : 17
Authors : Praveen Kumar S, Dr. Shantharaja M, Anil Kumar
Design and Development of Excitation Source to Process Functionally Graded Material Through Directional Solidification
| Total Downloads : 16
Authors : Ramesh Babu N, Dr. Kiran Aithal S, Dr. Ramesh M R, Paladugu Punnel Kumar
Optimization of P-GMAW Parameters for ASTM A106 Pipes using Taguchi Technique
| Total Downloads : 21
Authors : Rudreshi Addamani , H V Ravindra , Darshan C S , Praveen Kumar
Mechanical Behavior of AA7475-B4C Composites
| Total Downloads : 18
Authors : Shivraj Koti, S B Halesh, Madeva Nagaral, V Auradi
Design and Analysis of A Gear Box of A Universal Motor
| Total Downloads : 27
Authors : Chethan K S, Virupaksha K R
Optimization of Machining Parameters in Machining Inconel 600 by Wire Electric Discharge Machining
| Total Downloads : 24
Authors : V. R. Srinivasan, Dr. C. P. S. Prakash
Evaluation of Micro-Structural and Mechanical Properties of Aluminium-(2%) Silicon Alloy of FSW, TIG and MIG Welded Material
| Total Downloads : 27
Authors : Harish U, Ranganath N
Mechanical Characterization of Al6061/ZrO2/Zirconium Sand Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite
| Total Downloads : 32
Authors : Manjunatha B R, Anil Kumar A
Micro Structure and Tensile Property of Al-Alb2 Metal Matrix Composites
| Total Downloads : 26
Authors : Samuel Dayanand, Dr. Satish Babu B
A Review on Optimization Methods to Study Effect of Process Parameters in Friction Stir Welding
| Total Downloads : 30
Authors : Veeresh Murthy, Dr.B. M. Rajaprakash
A Review on Process Feasibility of Gaseous Fuel And Biodiesel in a Dual Fuel Mode IC Engines
| Total Downloads : 18
Authors : Harish H, U N Kempaiah
Unsteady Boundary Layer Flow of Viscous Fluid Along a Vertical Surface with Viscous Dissipation and Thermal Radiation
| Total Downloads : 20
Authors : M. C. Kemparaju, M. Subhas Abel, Mahantesh M. Nandeppanavar
Review on Natural and Carbon Fiber Filled Hybrid Composite
| Total Downloads : 19
Authors : Sandhya Rani B, A. Hareesh, Dr. A. Ramesh
A Review on Current Techniques for Acoustic Performance of An Automobile Exhaust Muffler
| Total Downloads : 17
Authors : Rakesh B K
Friction Stir Welding of Thin Sheets - An Overview
| Total Downloads : 21
Authors : Yogesha C , Suresha C N, Sarala Upadhy, Rajaprakash B M

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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