CMRAES - 2016 (Volume 4 - Issue 02)

Modeling and Testing of Induction Motor: A Review
| Total Downloads : 26
Authors : Aditya Narayan, Birju Besra, Manish Bakhla, Nitesh Thapa, Raju Ranjan
Comparative Study of Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation based T-Type Three-level Inverter
| Total Downloads : 17
Authors : Saikat Majumdar, Ravi Raushan, Bidyut Mahato, Kartick Chandra Jana, Parashuram Thakura, Shio Kumar Singh
Comparative Analysis of Different PWM Techniques in Multilevel Inverters
| Total Downloads : 22
Authors : Bidyut Mahatom, Rashmi Kumari, Ravi Raushan, Kartick Chandra Jana, Parashuram Thakura, Shio Kumar Singh
Power Quality Improvement in Non-Linear Loads using Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Special Reference to Induction Furnace
| Total Downloads : 17
Authors : Tejinder Singh Saggu, Lakhwinder Singh
Phase Locked Loop ? A Review
| Total Downloads : 25
Authors : Shilpi Maji, Supantha Mandal, Suraj Kumar Saw
Power System Stability Analysis: A Review
| Total Downloads : 17
Authors : Rohan Prakash , S.P. Singh
Design of Lead Compensator for Process Control using MULTISIM?
| Total Downloads : 23
Authors : Sumant Kumar, Vinod K. Saw, Nilesh Srivastava, Amit Kumar, Bhargav. A
Tuning of PID Controller using Bio-Geography based Optimization
| Total Downloads : 19
Authors : Sumant Kumar, Vinod K. Saw, Ramesh K. Thakur, Amarjeet K. Pandey, Bhargav. A
A Review on Control System Design Techniques
| Total Downloads : 12
Authors : Uttam. K, Nitish. K, Sandeep. M, Rajan. K, Naresh. S, Bhargav. A
Temperature Control System and its Control using PID Controller
| Total Downloads : 33
Authors : Yugal K. Singh, Jayendra Kumar, Keshav K. Pandey, Rohit K. ,Bhargav. A
Dye- Sensitized Perovskite Solar Cell
| Total Downloads : 19
Authors : Amit Kumar, Suraj Kumar, Sunil K. Choudhary , Vicky Kumar
Mathematical Modeling of Power Generation by Solar and Wind
| Total Downloads : 21
Authors : Nilesh kumar Srivastava, Ramesh Kumar Thakur, Amarjeet K. Panday, Amresh Kumar
Design of Lag Compensator for Process Control using MULTISIM?
| Total Downloads : 16
Authors : Yugal K. Singh, Jayendra Kumar, Keshav K. Pandey, Rohit K. , Bhargav. A
Case Study of Power System Faults and its Detection using PMU
| Total Downloads : 21
Authors : Roushan, Aman Kumar, Dipti Yugal, Puja Tudu, Amit Kumar
Optimum Placement of PMU for Total Observability of Power Grid
| Total Downloads : 23
Authors : Suman Kumar , Vikash Kumar Gupta , Sushant Suman , Ajit Kumar , Kumar Rahul
Voltage Collapse: Causes and Prevention
| Total Downloads : 27
Authors : Niranjan, Natasha, Manisha, Sujata
Blackout: Its Causes and its Prevention
| Total Downloads : 26
Authors : Supriya Prasad, Shakti Prasad, Mayank Sourab, Siddhant Hembrom
Analysis on IGBT Developments
| Total Downloads : 27
Authors : Mahato G.C., Niranjan, Waquar Aarif Abu
Techniques for Measurement Error Reduction: A Review
| Total Downloads : 16
Authors : Niranjan, Neha Rani
Power System Faults: A Review
| Total Downloads : 20
Authors : Neha Kumari, Sonam Singh, Rubi Kumari, Rupam Patel, Nutan A. Xalxo

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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