NCNTCE - 2015 (Volume 3 - Issue 11)

Experimental Investigation and Comparative Study on Waste Plastic Modified Concrete and Conventional Concrete
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : J. Marees Kumar, R. Chandra Sekar, K. Mohamed Usman, M. B. Pandiyarajan, R. Raja
Experimental Investigation of Ferrocement Panels in Different Casting Conditions
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Mr. P. Arunkumar
Experimental Study on Concrete Mixes by Concurrent use of Fly Ash and Quarry Dust
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : J. Joanna, N. Thirunavukkarasan, A. Mohamed Thaha, K. Mohammed Nizarudeen
Experimental Investigation on the use of Waste Tyre & M-Sand Aggregates in Concrete
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : B. Mohanraj, J. Nandakumar, V. Vijay, F. Siluvai Anish, P. Arunkumar
Fibre Reinforced Lightweight Concrete using Pumice Stone
| Total Downloads : 3
Authors : A. Karthik, M. Shanmugam, S. Maniselventhiran, B. C. Jeya Dinesh, A. Abraham Francis,
A Study of Autoclave Aerated Brick using Geo-Polymer
| Total Downloads : 3
Authors : S. N. Kannan, D. Karthick Raja, A. Sangaiyya, P. Satheesh Kumar
Planning, Analysis and Designing of Multi Storied Building by using Finitie Element Analysis Software
| Total Downloads : 3
Authors : D. Kumaraguru, A. Sirajdheent, Dinesh Kumar, P. Gowtham, U. Bhaskar Raju
Experimental Study on Repair Methods of Corroded Long Span Cables
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : S. Daniel Raj
Comparative Studies on Floor Tiles using Geopolymer Concrete and Cement Concrete
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Balakumaran. M, Cyril Xavier. T, Ponmathan Kumar. P, Praveen Kumar. J, Mr. Ganesh Kumar. M
Design of Steel ? Concrete Composite Construction in Floor System
| Total Downloads : 3
Authors : G. Sugila Devi, K. Banupriya, N. Rohini, V. Thesingarajan, R. Premadasan
Stabilization of Marine Clay by Using Copper Slag
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : G. R. Ashwin kumar, T. Thivakar, M. Pradeep Kumar, J. Raj
Operations of Sewage Waste to Zero Waste
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : V. P. Gogul Ram, C. Aravindhan, G. Sugiladevi
Experimental Investigation on Geopolymer Concrete by using GGBS
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : M. Sabari Nath, B. Uthaya kumar, M. Vijayan, S. Deena Dayalan, A. Thenmozhi
Enlargement of Site Specific Response Spectrum
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : R. Tharani

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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