NACTET - 2015 (Volume 3 - Issue 32)

Sensor Fault Diagnostics of a Flexible Link Robot using Linear Matrix Inequalities
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : Pradeep S. B Pradeep S. B
An Improved Edge Sensing Demosaicing and DCT Based Resizing Algorithm for Color Filter Array Images
| Total Downloads : 6
Authors : Anuvinda. S.M, Yamuna M Nair
Study of AES Techniques used for Image Hiding
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : Vijimol V K
All Optical Implementation of Mach-Zehnder Interferometer based Reversible SequentialB.
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : B. Surya
Power Quality Issues and its Improvement in Grid Connected RES
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Linimol Ansalam A V
Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Evolution Controller based Photo Voltaic System
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Sheeba Jeba Malar. J, Jayaraju.
Protection Scheme for AC Faults in HVDC Transmission System and Harmonics Reduction using Tuned Filters
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : K. G Visak, Vinod V
Modelling and Analysis of MPPT Techniques for Grid Connected PV Systems
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : Vijeesh V S
Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter with Reduced Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter with Reduced Number of Output Voltage Levels
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Robin Roy, Bindu
Satellite Image Optimization Correction with Measure of Enhancement Method
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Blesson Mathews Luke
A Novel Superimposed Sequence based Channel Estimation on Two-Way MIMO Relay System
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : Swathi Balakrishnan
A Fuzzy Logic based Battery Management System for a Microgrid
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : M. Anitha, Raji Krishna
Constant Power Generation of DFIG based Wind Energy System using Battery Energy Storage Energy System
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Rahul Charles C M, Vinod V
Channel Estimation based on Compressive Sensing in OFDM Systems under Severely Fading Channels
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Chinchu Sara Thomas
Position and Speed Control of BLDC Motor using Hall Sensor
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : Anisha C. G, Abhilasha Parthan
Control of Grid Interconnection of Renewable Energy Resources at Distribution Level with Power-Quality Improvement
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Nibitha N S, Soumya A V
Centralized Automation and Control of Substations using ZigBee
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Substations using ZigBee, Adcy Alex
Photoconductive Antenna for Terahertz Generation
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : Titto Anujan
A Genetic Algorithm for Turning Operation Optimization: Coding and Testing
| Total Downloads : 6
Authors : Sarat Krishna

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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