ICESMART - 2015 (Volume 3 - Issue 19)

Cloud Computing for Mobile user Offloading Computation to Save Energy
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Ramesh G, Annie Sujith
FPGA based Design and Implementation of Different Approaches for High Resolution Synchronous DPWM
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : Yashoda M S, Shalini P
Long Term Connectivity in CRF-based Multi- Person Tracking
| Total Downloads : 6
Authors : Bhargavi K M
A Two-stage Identification based on Seed and Grow Algorithm against Anonymized Social Networks
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : Mohammed Yaseen Navalur, M S. Nagashree K T
A Goal Programming Model for Public Accounting Firms
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : Uday Kumar K N, Harish Babu G A, E Keshava Reddy
Cascaded 13 Level Inverter using Series Connection of SubMultilevel Inverters
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : SY Mudassir Hussain, Rajashekhar J S
Modified Hybrid Transformer ZVS/ZCS Dc?Dc Converter with Improved Utilization for Photovoltaic Module Applications
| Total Downloads : 3
Authors : Supriya J, Meharunnisa Bhakshi
Frequency Domain Implementation of Advanced Speech Enhancement System on TMS320C6713DSK
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Zeeshan Hashmi Khateeb, Gopalaiah
Shielding Towards Collaborative Problems within MANET?s : A Cooperative Trap Recognition Strategy
| Total Downloads : 3
Authors : Gundu Raviteja, Salangai Nayagi
FPGA Implementation of Efficient Pipelined CORDIC Processor for DSP Applications
| Total Downloads : 6
Authors : Dickson Warepam, U. S. Pavitha
Simulation of Space Vector Modulated Quasi-Z-Source Cascade Multilevel Inverter For Grid-Tie based Single Phase PV System
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : Shweta G Patil, Rajashekar. J. S
Location Authentication using Voronoi Diagram
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : Mr. Santosh B, Mrs. Srividhya V R
In-Network Aggregationin Wireless Sensor Networks
| Total Downloads : 10
Authors : Mr. Harish G N, Mr. Rabindranath S
Text Line Segmentation using Vector Quantization Incorporated Cluster Density Analysis
| Total Downloads : 8
Authors : Asha B M, Purushotham U
Verification of USB 3.0 Device IP using Universal Verification Methodology
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Parameshwar Reddy, Gopalaiah
Speech Recognition to Distinguish Gender and A Review and Related Terms
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Jagannath Jadhav, Sahana Devali
Design of Active EEG Electrodes for BCI Applications
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Swetha GSM, Subhra Chakraborthy
Analysis of Air Cleaner for an Automobile Subjected to Different Engine Loads
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : Sanjay Kumar S. M, D. P. Girish
FPGA Implementation of Hard Error Correction Technique using Fault Tolerant Method
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Swetha k, Murugesh k
Study of Parameters Affecting the Thermal Performance of Heat Pipe-A Review
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Bharat M. Jibhakate, Dr. M. Basavaraj

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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