ATCSMT - 2015 (Volume 3 - Issue 31)

Integrals Involving the Product of Two Different Wright?s Generalized Hypergeometric Functions
| Total Downloads : 2
Authors : G. P. Gautam, Yasmeen, Sulakshana Bajaj
On Certain Subclasses of Meromorphic Univalent Funtions with Positive Coefficients
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : B. B. Jaimini, Jyoti Gupta
Review Paper on Suitability of Traditional Prototype Model and Spiral Model used for Mobile Application Development Life Cycle
| Total Downloads : 6
Authors : Akansha Khandelwal, Garima Tyagi
A Comparison between Differential Evolution and Simulated Annealing for Order Reduction of Transformer Linear Section Model
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : Princy Saraswat, Rajesh Bhatt, Girish Parmar
Quick Response Code Implementation in Society
| Total Downloads : 10
Authors : Saroj Goyal, Dr. Vinod Kumar, Dr. Surendra Yadav, Manish Mathuria
A Study on VoIP over Wireless Network and Choosing the Best and Secure Way of using VoIP
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Deepak Singh, Garima Tyagi
Adoption of Cloud Computing by SMEs - A SWOT Analysis
| Total Downloads : 4
Authors : Kamal Kulshreshtha
Routing Management in Wireless Sensor Network
| Total Downloads : 5
Authors : Sanjay Pahuja, Dr. Tarun Shrimali
Certain Type of Special Function Associate by Pathway Fraction Integral Operator
| Total Downloads : 6
Authors : Hemlata Saxena, Himanshu Sharma, Harsha Babani
Generalized Fibonacci Polynomials and Some Identities
| Total Downloads : 7
Authors : Omprakash Sikhwal, YashwantVyas

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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