ICIAC - 2014 (Volume 2 - Issue 09)

Cloud Authentication Using Kerberos
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Authors : Ms. Moonmoon Karmakar, Ms.Pooja Choudhari ,Ms.Disha Mainani
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Authors : Prasanna Bhide, Mrunmayee Humane
Design of Game ?Pong? Using VHDL
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Authors : Mr.Sudhanshu Mohan Khare, Mr.Nakul Nagpal, Ms. Mayuri Chawla, Ms. Sharon Bhatnagar
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Authors : RuchikaBondre, UrvashiDhawale, PrityDwivedi
Implantation of home automation and security system using FPGA
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Authors : Monika G. Bhoge, Snehal V. Dhakate, Shraddha Tripathi
Cluster Computing Using FPGA vs.GPPs
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Authors : Ms. Sharon Bhatnagar, Ms. Mayuri Chawla, Mr.Nakul Nagpal, Mr.Sudhanshu Mohan Khare
Analysis of Motor Faults Based on the Vibration Signal and Virtual Instrument Technology
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Authors : Rohan Ingle, Abhay Halmare, Dinesh Mute and Shubhangi Ambekar
Cooperative Caching With Adaptive Asynchronous Prefetching
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Authors : Niket Mhatre, Ms.Mona Mulchandani, Ms.Swara Pampatwar, Ms.Mayuri Chawala
A Secure System to Generate and Maintain Multi- Domain Password to Defend against Password Attacks
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Authors : Miss Pallavi Dhole, S.J.Karale, Miss. Pratibha Mishra
Implementation of Cooperative Caching Algorithms Using Remote Client Memory
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Authors : Darshan Kapadia, Nakul Nagpal
Session Password Authentication Schemes-A Review
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Authors : Aashutosh Gawali, Deepika Bhatia

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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