Vol. 4 - Issue 01 (January - 2015)

Solar Energy in Architecture: the Case of Facade Collectors
| Total Downloads : 2466
Authors : Ilija Nasov
Anomaly Detection and Response System for Relational Databases
| Total Downloads : 734
Authors : Mr. K. K. Awale, Prof. U. A. Nuli
Thermal Behavior of Group V Zeolites from Marathwada, India
| Total Downloads : 583
Authors : S. D. Ghan
A Study of Hand Gesture Technique to Communicate with a Robot
| Total Downloads : 847
Authors : Praveen Kumar Sharma, Rohan Sheoran, Dinesh Kumar Kathania
Comparative Study and Complexity Analysis of Signal Detection in MIMO
| Total Downloads : 945
Authors : Ms. D. T. Shelke, Dr. K. D. Kulat
Cloud Computing Security Threats
| Total Downloads : 657
Authors : Swati Gupta, Sarika Khandelwal
Management and Optimization of a Moroccan Industrial Location of Production by the Method of Links
| Total Downloads : 366
Authors : Abdelmajid Daya, El Hassan Boudaia
Real Time Target Securing Based on Image Processing
| Total Downloads : 641
Authors : Michael Daniel Nachipyangu, Xuewen Ding, Shemsa Selemani Ngambeki
Design and Performance Analysis of Louvered Fin Automotive Radiator using CAE Tools
| Total Downloads : 2037
Authors : Vishwa Deepak Dwivedi, Ranjeet Rai
Effect of Rotational Speed on Coating Thickness during Zinc Deposition on Copper by Friction Surfacing
| Total Downloads : 658
Authors : N. Gopikrishna, N. Sudheer Kumar, P. Sammaiah
Modularity Techniques in Commercial Vehicle
| Total Downloads : 580
Authors : Jeevanandam. S, Mohan Rao. S. L
Improved Random Walk Technique for LV Cavity Segmentation
| Total Downloads : 349
Authors : Ghada A. Rakabawy, Hamdy M. Kelash, Osama S. Faragallah, Mohammed Badawy
Detection and Removal of Object-Oriented Shadows from Urban High-Resolution RSI
| Total Downloads : 937
Authors : Raut Anant S. , Dr. Sudhir S. Kanade
Design and Fabrication of Microstrip to Slotline Transition Bandpass Filter
| Total Downloads : 634
Authors : Tarun Kumar Kanade, Alok Kumar Rastogi, Sunil Mishra
Cloud Data Encryption Ensuring Security
| Total Downloads : 596
Authors : Madhavi Dhingra
Estimation of Silt Erosion in Hydro Turbine
| Total Downloads : 899
Authors : Sandeep Kumar, Dr. Brajesh Varshney
Study, Analysis of Performance and Emission Characteristics of Transesterificated Biodiesel -An Experimental Approach with Diesel-Rice Bran Biodiesel Blends
| Total Downloads : 368
Authors : S S Naga Prakash Chokka, Y. Dhanasekhar, M. V. H. Satish Kumar
An Overview of Clustering Algorithm and Collaborative Filtering Method through E-Commerce Data Perspective
| Total Downloads : 668
Authors : R. Gowri, Ashish Kumar, Arvind M. J. , Jeric Rajan K.
A Location Based Terminode Routing in Manets
| Total Downloads : 329
Authors : A. Boomaranimalany, S. Bharathi, Premanand. V
Review and Analysis of Multifarious Spatial Domain Steganography Techniques
| Total Downloads : 360
Authors : Dipalee Borse, Shobhana Patil

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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