Vol. 4 - Issue 02 (February - 2015)

Sustainable Computing - A New Pathway to Go with Green Computing
| Total Downloads : 1929
Authors : Vinay Shukla, D K Singh, Shrawan Kumar , Rahul Singh
Effect of SMES Unit in a Restructured Power System Considering GDB Non - Linearity
| Total Downloads : 550
Authors : V. Rajaguru, R. Sathya, V. Shanmugam
Thermal Analysis of Friction Stir Welding
| Total Downloads : 1464
Authors : I. Ajit Kumar, Dr. M. V. Mallikarjuna
Evaluation of Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient of Air Flowing Through an Inclined Square Duct
| Total Downloads : 770
Authors : Sunil. S, Basavaraj. H. T
Design, Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Microstrip Patch Antennas and its Feed Line
| Total Downloads : 1284
Authors : Tarun Kumar Kanade, Alok Kumar Rastogi, Sunil Mishra
Enhancement of Smart Cane To Detect And Notify Obstacles
| Total Downloads : 550
Authors : J. Gnana Jeslin, A. Vaishnavi, J. Nivedha
Study of the Properties of Concrete Containing Copper Slag as a Fine Aggregate
| Total Downloads : 2872
Authors : Srinivas C. H, S. M Muranal
Collaborative Information Management using Distributed Multi-Agent System
| Total Downloads : 357
Authors : Rajini Kiran Mai, S. Roohinaz, Shaik Abdul Yunus Basha
Hydraulic and Surge Analysis in a Pipeline Network using Pipeline Studio®
| Total Downloads : 1445
Authors : Lokesh Kumar Mylapilli, Phanindra Vital Reddy Gogula, Adarsh Kumar Arya
Analysis and Design of Stepped Cantilever Retaining Wall
| Total Downloads : 4000
Authors : S. S Patil, A. A. R. Bagban
A Survey on Detecting Overloaded Vehicle in Video Surveillance Systems
| Total Downloads : 851
Authors : Renju K, Perpetua F Noronha
Varients of Weighted N-Factor Marriage Problem using SMA
| Total Downloads : 164
Authors : Dr. T. Ramachandran , Dr. D. Udayakumar, K. Velusamy
Stability Analysis of Single Machine Infinite Bus System with HPFC
| Total Downloads : 796
Authors : Agarala Ajay Sekhar Reddy, G. V. Marutheswar
Performance Evaluation of ONU in Bidirectional WDM PON
| Total Downloads : 523
Authors : Surya M, Gokul P. G
Graphene Nanoparticle - Biodiesel Blended Diesel Engine
| Total Downloads : 1103
Authors : Chetan Pawar, Vishwajit A. Bhagwat, N. R. Banapurmath
Design, Development and Testing of Parallel offset Coupling with Angular offset
| Total Downloads : 705
Authors : Archana Chandak , Anurag Nema , Dr. F. B. Sayyad
Bomb Defusing Robotic Arm using Gesture Control
| Total Downloads : 1438
Authors : Siddharth Narayanan, C. Ramesh Reddy
Object recognition in Image using Hybrid (DRA-CSO) Architecture
| Total Downloads : 264
Authors : Hamid Ali Abed Al-asadi, Hussein Ali Al_iedane , Nadra J. Ali Al-saad
Open Source Software: A Study of Dynamic Variance of Complexity
| Total Downloads : 280
Authors : Kanwaljit Singh, Dr. Hardeep Singh
Ontology Based user Adaptive Web Personalization
| Total Downloads : 216
Authors : Kiran B. Wagh, Chanbas M. Varde

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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