Vol. 3 - Issue 9 (September - 2014)

Hydraulic Transient Analysis of Kolar Water Pipeline Using Bently Hammer V8i – A Case Study
| Total Downloads : 2146
Authors : Sadanand, Dr. T. S. Desmukh
Compressive Sensing Reconstruction for Sparse Signals with Convex Optimization
| Total Downloads : 355
Authors : Ahmed Mohamed Awadallah, Guangming Shi, Guanghui Zhao
Daylight Harvesting Control System
| Total Downloads : 456
Authors : Raafe Karim Khan, Sandhyalaxmi G Navada
Object Removal by Hierarchical Super-Resolution Based Inpainting
| Total Downloads : 465
Authors : T. Vikram, Dr. A. M. Prasad
Monitoring and Evaluation of Water Availability of the South of Ukraine and Russian Federation with Usage of the Standardized Precipitation Index
| Total Downloads : 227
Authors : Victor Popovych, Ielizaveta Dunaieva
Sensor Based Black Line Follower Robot
| Total Downloads : 2097
Authors : Prananjali Koppad, Vishnu Agarwal
Optimization of Circular Elevated Service Reservoir
| Total Downloads : 1656
Authors : Dr. S. A. Halkude, Mr. A. B. Jadhav
A Study of Coordinated TCSC and PSS Damping Controller in a Multi Machine System using PSO To Improve Power System Stability
| Total Downloads : 371
Authors : Ankita Runani, Dr. Y. S Brar
Survey on Knowledge Observation With Spatiality Data Mining
| Total Downloads : 257
Authors : Dr. S. Anitha Reddy, Dr. P. Avinash
Catalytic Activity of CeO2-NiO for Low Temperature Soot Combustion
| Total Downloads : 371
Authors : Eubert Privilege Mahofa, T. Bala Narsaiah, Ch. Shilpa Chakra, Pramod Kumar, Adeleh Aftabtalab
Analysis and Simulation of Faults in Power Distribution Systems with Distributed Generation
| Total Downloads : 1117
Authors : Jyotsna Sharma, Akhilesh Dobhal
Modeling, Design and Analysis of Three Phase Matrix Converter for Different Loads
| Total Downloads : 500
Authors : Pankaj Bisht, Akhilesh Dobhal
Treatment of Sugar Process Waste Water and Biogas Production using Algal Biomass
| Total Downloads : 697
Authors : Sailaja. B, Bharati S Meti
Study of Properties of Sustainable Concrete using Slag and Recycled Concrete Aggregate
| Total Downloads : 620
Authors : Basil Johny, Prof. M. V George , Dr. Elson John
Finite Element Modeling for Numerical Simulation of Multi Step Forming of Wheel Disc and Control of Excessive Thinning
| Total Downloads : 265
Authors : Prashantkumar S. Hiremath, Shridhar Kurse, Laxminarayana H. V, Vasantha kumar M, Ravindra J L
Performance Analysis of Different Shapes Patch Antennas At 2.45 Ghz
| Total Downloads : 848
Authors : Rakhi, Sonam Thakur
Development of Cryptographic Toolkit in LINUX - A Practical Approach for Better Understanding
| Total Downloads : 115
Authors : Anjlee Verma
Constructing Complete Requirement Specification from Natural Language Requirements Document
| Total Downloads : 176
Authors : Navin Kumar Sehgal, Krishan kumar
Cloud Based E-Commerce Platform for Multi-Tenant and Multi-Vendor
| Total Downloads : 810
Authors : Chandrashekar Bemagoni, Suresh Babu Kare
Temperature Control of Water Tank Level System by using Fuzzy - PID Controllers
| Total Downloads : 1235
Authors : B. Varalakshmi, T. Bhaskaraiah

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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