Vol. 3 - Issue 10 (October - 2014)

Analysis of Mixed Convection Flow Characteristics in Square Cavity with Uniformly Heated Bottom Wall by Finite Volume Method
| Total Downloads : 817
Authors : Robins Aikkara, Aboobacker Kadengal
Compressive Strength Testing of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Different Curing Regimes
| Total Downloads : 1754
Authors : Ankit Agrawal, Tarit Jain, Sarang Agarwal
A Customized Search Engine for user Search Goals using CAP Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 348
Authors : Bathula Syam Babu, V. Ramachandran
Impact of Quality Supervision on Rework in Indian Construction Industry
| Total Downloads : 846
Authors : Suraj D. Shinde, Dr. A. K. Gupta, Prof. D. B. Desai
Analysis of Wire Rope
| Total Downloads : 1184
Authors : Er. Gopichand S. Ramteke, Prof. Y. L. Yenarkar
Microcontroller Based Design and Analysis of Active Magnetic Bearing
| Total Downloads : 746
Authors : Suma R, , Ravi V Angadi, Dr Y Vijaykumar, Swathi R, Malli J N, Sreedhar P. G
Wireless Sensor Network for Detecting Vibrations Before Landslides
| Total Downloads : 1193
Authors : Pawan Hinge, Rohit Bawage, Pallavi Hinge
Water as a Resource: Different Perspectives in Literature
| Total Downloads : 909
Authors : Aradhana Hans, Dr Alka Bharat
VHDL Implementation of 20-Bit RISC and DSP Operations in FPGA
| Total Downloads : 646
Authors : Sethu M
Design and Implementation of an Experimental Test-rig for Tower Cranes
| Total Downloads : 911
Authors : Mohamed H. Mabrouk
A Microcontroller Based Class-D Power Amplifier for Low Frequency Sonar Application
| Total Downloads : 1287
Authors : V. N. Panchalai, Bineesh P. Chacko, N. Sivakumar
Options for Improvement of Water Consumption, Energy Consumption and Waste Management in Sri Lanka Hotel Sector
| Total Downloads : 361
Authors : Illangakoon, I P G B , Hulugalla, W M N , Dissanayake, D M T P, Ratnayake, Eng Prof(mrs) N
Weak Soil Stabilization using Different Admixtures- A Comparitive Study
| Total Downloads : 3688
Authors : J Jayapal, S Boobathiraja, M Samuel Thanaraj, K Priyadharshini
Latest Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks for Energy Conservation: A Survey
| Total Downloads : 558
Authors : Revathy. B, Rekha. G
A Survey Paper on Profile-Based Image Recommender System for Smartphone
| Total Downloads : 372
Authors : Pranali Bhagat, Nikita Mahakalkar, Ritesh Chaudhari, Akhil Gotmare
To Improve Productivity for Casting Technology By Reducing Weight of Gating System
| Total Downloads : 701
Authors : Shashank V. Gulhane, Rahul M. Dahekar
Object Detection by Background Subraction Algorithm by using FPGA
| Total Downloads : 491
Authors : Y. Ramagopal, B. Sharoun, Mr. T. S. Ghouse Basha
Design and Development of Material Handling Crane
| Total Downloads : 591
Authors : Mr. Sagar Gajanan Kashid, Prof. Mr. Pandit Rangrao Sawant
Sanskrit Speech Recognition using Hidden Markov Model Toolkit
| Total Downloads : 1060
Authors : Jitendra Singh Pokhariya, Dr. Sanjay Mathur
Damage Assessment of Multistoried Structures under Seismic Loading using Pushover Analysis
| Total Downloads : 489
Authors : Gutta Vijaya Aditya Pavan Kumar, Dr. R. Harinadha Babu

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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