Vol. 3 - Issue 5 (May - 2014)

Investigation of the Reduction in the Interaction Inclusion-Cracked Notch Effect Using Composite Patches
| Total Downloads : 465
Authors : Belkacem Achour, Djamel Ouinas, Mustapha Boukendakdji, Mabrouk Touahmia
An Approach for Identification and Classification of Crops using Multispectral Images
| Total Downloads : 1467
Authors : Beeresh H V, Mrs. Latha B M, Thimmaraja Yadava G , Naveen Dandur
Semi Solid Processing of High Chromium Cast Iron
| Total Downloads : 525
Authors : Amitesh Kumar
Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater Using Iron Plaque of Typha-latifolia & Bacterial Precipitated Fe(OH)3 Rich Soil (A Natural Biogenic Iron Oxide)
| Total Downloads : 426
Authors : Brij Kishor
Supercloud - Need, Issues and Challenges
| Total Downloads : 492
Authors : Dhvaja Shikare, Dr. Sujala D Shetty
Design of Automated Outriggers for Self-Propelled Hydraulic Scissor Lift - A Case Study At Air India
| Total Downloads : 674
Authors : Dileep Kanojia, Chinmay Rohekar, Shubhankar Gokhale, Sanjay Bokade
Filtering Unwanted Multimedia Messages from Online Social Network User Walls
| Total Downloads : 671
Authors : N Venkateswarulu, J Divya
An Encrypted And Searchable Audit Log
| Total Downloads : 475
Authors : Komal D. Kate, P. M. Mane
Design of Transaction Management System in Component Based Software Model for Secured Object Transmission
| Total Downloads : 299
Authors : Kumar Rahul, Rajiv Ranjan Singh, B K Sinha
Analysis of Transmission Line Fault by Using Wavelet
| Total Downloads : 1226
Authors : Rameshkumar Mishra, P M Deoghare
Object Tracking Based on Markov Chain and MAP Estimation
| Total Downloads : 286
Authors : Sikha Das C K, Yadhu . R. B
Estmation of Young`S Modulus for Single Walled Carbon Nanotube With Finite Element Method
| Total Downloads : 606
Authors : Sk. Siraz Rafi, P. Anusha, M N. Swapna Sri
Improved Session key based Certificate to Detect Sybil Attack in VANET
| Total Downloads : 316
Authors : Ravi Prakash, Kamal Soni
Speaker Recognition System using Coefficients and Correlation Approaches in MATLAB
| Total Downloads : 866
Authors : Sridhar Chandramohan Iyer
Implementation and Analysis of GPSR and ALERT Protocol Techniques in AODV for MANET
| Total Downloads : 590
Authors : Jitender Kumar, Agam Verma
Sophisticated E-Manufacturing Through Wireless Sensor Networks
| Total Downloads : 257
Authors : Pramodh. S, N. Chakravarthy
Voltage Sag Mitigation by D-STATCOM Using Voltage Regulation Technique
| Total Downloads : 1391
Authors : Manish Paul, Prabir Ranjan Kasari
Design of Back Fed E Shaped Microstrip Antenna With Triple Bands
| Total Downloads : 229
Authors : Anas Abdu, Halilu Adamu Jabire
A Survey - Web Information Extraction and Annotation
| Total Downloads : 231
Authors : Anusha K, John De Britto
Design and Implementation of High Precision Automated Online Monitoring of Distribution Transformer (OMDT) Device
| Total Downloads : 730
Authors : Abin T. S, Ajesh K. C, Beena M Varghese, Renjith Nadesan, Aju Sivan

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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