Vol. 3 - Issue 3 (March - 2014)

Assessment and Comparative Study of Different Enhanced Artificial Neural Networks Based Power Flow Solutions
| Total Downloads : 293
Authors : Hassan Kubba
Design and Implementation of High Speed and Low Power Multiplier using Urdhwa Tiryagbhyam Sutra
| Total Downloads : 475
Authors : M. Padmaja, A. Saida, Anuradha Shankar , Arjun Singh
Improving Contextual Web Searches through Query Expansion Using Domain Specific Resources
| Total Downloads : 180
Authors : Rushali Patil, Pramod Ganjewar
Intelligent Robotic Arm for the Deaf and Dumb
| Total Downloads : 269
Authors : Mr. Sanap Vikram A. , Mr. Balsaraf Gokul A. , Mr. Hullule Smadhan M. , Ms. Bhandari N. K
A Skew Angle Detection Algorithm based on Maximum Gradient
| Total Downloads : 343
Authors : Yogesh Kumar
Software Defect Prediction System –Decision Tree Algorithm With Two Level Data Preprocessing
| Total Downloads : 730
Authors : Reena P, Binu Rajan
Stress Analysis of Door and Window of Boeing 787 Passenger Aircraft Subjected to Biaxial Loading
| Total Downloads : 2127
Authors : Swapnil J. Soni, Bharat S. Kale, Nitin C. Chavan, Sunil T. Kadam
Unified Session Transfer Across Heterogeneous Platforms
| Total Downloads : 142
Authors : Blessy Mathew, Anjali R
The Influence of Storage Conditions on Melatonin Stability
| Total Downloads : 2342
Authors : Najoua El Moussaoui, Abdenbi Bendriss
Modeling And Fatigue Analysis of A Cast Iron Crankshaft
| Total Downloads : 498
Authors : Walid Roundi, Abdellah El Gharad
A Novel Converter Topology For Photo-Voltaic Application
| Total Downloads : 276
Authors : Sathyapriya. M, Prabha Rani. S. J, Anju. R, Mariaraja. P
DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.17577/IJERTV3IS030085
Sensitivity Analysis of Electro-Explosive Devices
| Total Downloads : 504
Authors : Gurmeet Singh, Pratik Kumar, Raghuvendra Singh Chauhan, Prof. Savita Mangalore
New Algorithm to Find the Missing Strings During Compressed Image Transmission using Huffman Encoding
| Total Downloads : 281
Authors : M. A. P. Manimekelai, Mariam Stephina Punnose, Rinda Regi, Sherin Alphonsa John
Hand Gesture Recognition for the Application of Sign Language Interpretation
| Total Downloads : 459
Authors : Resmi George, K Gerard Joe Nigel
Thermal Analysis of Power Plant Based on Gas Turbine
| Total Downloads : 524
Authors : Ahmed Shahadha Hussein, Dr. Mohammad Tariq
Effect of Retempering on the Property of Concrete Subjected to Sulphate Attack
| Total Downloads : 344
Authors : S. B. Pharande, D. K. Kulkarni, H. S. Jadhav
Design and Modelling of a Pelton Wheel Bucket
| Total Downloads : 3229
Authors : Sebin Sabu, Nikhil Jacob George, Tom Alphonse Antony, Ashwin Chandi Alex
Automatic Safety and Alarming System for Coal Mines
| Total Downloads : 606
Authors : Nazmin Aziz Maniyar, Prachi Sunil Bodhai, Jayshree Khanderao Tarle, Amol Sunil Hengade
A Survey on Defending Against Jamming Attacks in Sensor Networks
| Total Downloads : 303
Authors : Archana Patil, Prof. S. P. Pingat
Performance Analysis of Two-Level FH-CDMA Scheme with OFDM
| Total Downloads : 249
Authors : Naveen V, Ramya T

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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