Vol. 3 - Issue 7 (July - 2014)

Modal and Harmonic Analysis in A Stepped Vibratory Bowl Feeder
| Total Downloads : 1051
Authors : Ms. Samrudhi Ramesh Shelot , Dr. K. K Dhande , Jamadar N. I , Dr. V. Singh
Improving Power System Transient Stability by using Facts Devices
| Total Downloads : 4481
Authors : Mr. Ketan Damor, Mr. Vinesh Agrawal, Dr. Dipesh M. Patel, Mr. Hirenkumar G. Patel
RFID Based Intelligent Bus Management and Monitoring System
| Total Downloads : 3671
Authors : Komal Satish Agarwal, Kranti Dive
Design of Constant Force Compliant Mechanisms
| Total Downloads : 932
Authors : Minhaz Ur Rahman, Hong Zhou
An Application of Energy and Exergy Analysis in Industrial Sector of India
| Total Downloads : 397
Authors : Dr. Soupayan Mitra, Devashish Gautam
Design and Development of Double Offset Butterfly Valve
| Total Downloads : 602
Authors : Piyush P. Nagpurkar, Prof. R. S. Tajane
Analysis of Leakage Power Reduction using Leakage Control Logic with Power Gating
| Total Downloads : 492
Authors : Nikhil Kumar, Rakesh Jain
Effect of Section Thickness On The Microstructure And Hardness Of Gray Cast Iron (A Simulation Study)
| Total Downloads : 2169
Authors : Shrikant Sahu, Mohd. Nadeem Bhat, Ajit Kumar, Avinaw Pratik, Amitesh Kumar
Quality Aspects and Challenges In Collaboration of Multi-Cloud - A Study
| Total Downloads : 351
Authors : Swetha D, Dr. Thippeswamy K
Analysis of Path Loss Models at 3.3GHz to Determine Efficient Handover in Wimax
| Total Downloads : 552
Authors : Sonia Sharma, Sunita Parashar
Simulation of Erosion Wear in Choke Valves using CFD
| Total Downloads : 1085
Authors : Raghavendra H N, M. Shivashankar, Prem Anand Ramalingam
Reliable Surveillance System for Intruder Detection using Wireless Sensor Network
| Total Downloads : 698
Authors : Radhika G, Remya Ramesan, Pavana H
Numerical Solution to the Selection of Electrodes for Parallel Fillet Lap Joint Weld
| Total Downloads : 228
Authors : Kale Tulin Sanjay, Barjibhe R. B. , Patil A. V.
Web usage Mining for Exploring User Needs and Interest
| Total Downloads : 240
Authors : Dr. V. Govindasamy, V. Akila, Senthilnathan. A, Kapilaguru. A, Rajesh. V , Senthamizh Selvan. P, D. Dinesh
Handwritten Character Recognition using ANN
| Total Downloads : 590
Authors : Shushant Chak, Ambalika Sharma
A Field Test for Assessment of Feacal Contamination of Potable Water in the Kumasi Metroplis of Ghana
| Total Downloads : 194
Authors : Doreen Amponsah, Godfred Etsey Sebiawu
BIG DATA - An Overview
| Total Downloads : 484
Authors : Jinesh K. Kamdar, Prof. Mahendra S. Patil, Chintan B. Khatri
A Novel Structure for Image Negative using Quantum Cellular Automata Adder
| Total Downloads : 509
Authors : Suganiya, Pandipriya. J, Arockia E J Ferdin
Customer Satisfaction Survey for Various Brands of Tractors: A Case Study
| Total Downloads : 2440
Authors : Sukhjinder Singh, Er. Deepinder Singh, Er. Kamalpreet Sahni
A Survey on Energetic Service Allocation using Virtual Machines for Cloud Computing Domain
| Total Downloads : 220
Authors : Santhosh Naik D, Dr. G. F. Ali Ahammed

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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