Vol. 3 - Issue 2 (February - 2014)

Design & Analysis of Square Micro strip Patch Antenna for BW Enhancement using Symmetrical Cuts
| Total Downloads : 553
Authors : Valmik Kardile, Abhilasha Mishra
Wear Resistance Behavior Study of AZ 31b Mg Alloy
| Total Downloads : 408
Authors : G. Vijay Bhaskar, B. Sharmila, P. Nanjappa Chetty
A Proposed Piracy Prevention Technique In P2P Network
| Total Downloads : 881
Authors : Abhijit R. Jain, Saurabh Malgaonkar, Shailja Sumeet
A Study of Research Tools and Techniques in Network Congestion Control
| Total Downloads : 549
Authors : Vandana Kushwaha
Design and Development of an Electronic Voltage Indicator for Public Utility
| Total Downloads : 217
Authors : Folorunso C. O., Folorunso A. M, Ogunlewe A. O
Adaptation of the Bee Colony Optimization to the Nurse Scheduling Problem
| Total Downloads : 246
Authors : Lahbib Zeroual, Mohammed Essaid Riffi, Belaïd Ahiod
Numerical Solution of Second order Integro- Differential Equations(Ides) with Different Four Polynomials Bases Functions
| Total Downloads : 311
Authors : Taiwo O. A , Raji M. T
Modeling and Analysis of an Adaptive Filter for a DSP Based Programmable Hearing Aid Using Normalize Least Mean Square Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 398
Authors : Obidike. A . I, Dr. Ohaneme C. O, Anioke L. C., Anonu . J. D
Intrusion Detection System with FGA and MLP Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 371
Authors : Miss. Madhuri R. Yadav, Prof. Prashant Kumbharkar
Extended ADM1 for Simulation of Anaerobic Digestion of Microwave Pre-Treated Sludge
| Total Downloads : 417
Authors : Aboulfotoh A. M.
Characterization of Domestic Waste water and Performance Indicators of the Waste water Treatment Plant of the City of SETTAT
| Total Downloads : 333
Authors : Asmaa Karboubi, Abdeljalil Zouhri, Abdellah Anouar
Prediction of Reaction Performance Furnace in Clauss Based Sulphur Recovery Unit by Artificial Neural Network
| Total Downloads : 345
Authors : Souvik Samanta, Niharika, Naveen Verma
On the Causes and Effects of Earth Dams Failures in North-Eastern Nigeria
| Total Downloads : 67
Authors : Umaru A. B, Sangodoyin. A. Y, Oke. I. A
A Novel Air Quality Prediction Model Using Artificial Neural Networks
| Total Downloads : 719
Authors : Niharika, Venkatadri M.
Design and Performance Analysis of Single Inlet Multiple Outlet (SIMO) Nozzle with Thrust Vector Control
| Total Downloads : 485
Authors : Kalidass R, Balaji S
An Application of Fuzzy Logic Model in Solving Road Traffic Congestion
| Total Downloads : 922
Authors : C. Ugwu, Bale, Dennis
BER Analysis for Q-OFDMA using OSTBC and Spatial Multiplexing
| Total Downloads : 178
Authors : Suresh. N, G. Mohankumar
Analysis of AODV Protocol in Wireless Scenario
| Total Downloads : 234
Authors : Chanchal Sahu , Sanjay Kumar , V. K. Patle
Memristor: A New Step Towards System Stability and Performance
| Total Downloads : 205
Authors : Sameer Garg, Pravin Mane
Sketch Analyzer: Human Face Sketch Analysis Technique
| Total Downloads : 320
Authors : Nilesh Shelar, Ajit Panada, Vishal Gawde, Ajay Giri, Dashrath Mane

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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