Vol. 3 - Issue 12 (December - 2014)

Comparative Study of the Shear Resistance of Different Types of Shear Connectors in Steel Beam-Concrete Slab Composite Construction
| Total Downloads : 1623
Authors : Shreeja Kacker, Dr. Arun Kumar
Hand Gesture Recognition System to Control Soft Front Panels
| Total Downloads : 1069
Authors : H. Renuka, B. Goutam
Research on the Formability Analysis for Automobile Reinforcement Plate for Front Side Edge Beam Box
| Total Downloads : 358
Authors : Emmire Wosenyeleh Sebsibe, Yu Jun Cai , Lie Duan
Corrosion Behaviour of Sintered Austenitic Stainless Steel Composites
| Total Downloads : 362
Authors : Anand Hegde , Adarsh Patil , Vijay Tambrallimath
Proposed Enhancement in the Performance of the Spectral Clustering
| Total Downloads : 388
Authors : Gurpinder Kaur, Abhishek Tyagi
Survey on QoS Improving Methods in MANET
| Total Downloads : 731
Authors : Manisha P. Navale, Prof. G. T. Chavan
Wave Reflection from Corrugated Perforated Beach and Vertical Upright Breakwater
| Total Downloads : 549
Authors : Lamanto T. Somervell, Santosh G. Thampi, A. P. Shashikala
Power Quality Improvement Using Fuzzy Based Canonical Switching Cell Converter
| Total Downloads : 959
Authors : U. Arunkumar, V. Gopu
Influence of Na2Co3, NaHCo3 and Organic Substances (Algae) in Water on Physical Properties of Blended Pozzolonic Portland Cement
| Total Downloads : 474
Authors : L. Venu Gopal Reddy, B. Vamsi Krishna
Optimal Mix Designs for Pervious Concrete for an Urban Area
| Total Downloads : 4594
Authors : Dr. Stephen Arhin, Dr. Rezene Madhi, Mr. Wasi Khan
DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.17577/IJERTV3IS120111
A Modified ADMM Approach for Blind Deblurring of Color Medical Images
| Total Downloads : 293
Authors : K Reddy Lahari, V Vijaya Kishore
Study of Map Reduce over Different Cube Computation Approaches:Survey Paper
| Total Downloads : 271
Authors : Ms. S. B. Gawade, Prof. Dhaygude T A
Speaker Identification for Channel Mismatching Condition using Hindi Language
| Total Downloads : 273
Authors : Sonu Kumar, Muketa Gupta
A Literature Review of on-Chip Network Design using an Agent-based Management Method
| Total Downloads : 522
Authors : Mr. Kendaganna Swamy S, Dr. Anand Jatti, Dr. Uma B V
A Survey On Admission Control and Trust Based Opportunistics Routing in Wireless ad hoc Networks
| Total Downloads : 177
Authors : Pallavi Shinde, N. D. Kale
Churn Prediction in Social Networks
| Total Downloads : 454
Authors : Amit Chandavale , Reena Pagare
Stress, Strain and Displacement Analysis of Individual Parts and the Pipe of an Autonomously Designed Pipe Bending Machine using Finite Element Analysis
| Total Downloads : 843
Authors : Mohammed Noorul Hussain, Mohammed Nizamuddin Ahmed, Syed Ali Sufiyan, Kosuri Harish Varma
High Performance Logic Style with Constant Delay characteristics and Self-Reset Circuitry
| Total Downloads : 416
Authors : Vurimella Divya Vani, Dr. T. Jayachandra Prasad
A Study of Noise Pollution in Some Highway Corridor Near Gorakhpur City
| Total Downloads : 467
Authors : Praveen Kumar, Dr. Govind Pandey, Dr. Arun Kumar Mishra
Compression of Video Data for Transmission Over Low Bandwidth Network
| Total Downloads : 343
Authors : Poonam Gupta, Dr. Dhirendra Mishra

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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