Vol. 3 - Issue 8 (August - 2014)

IDS for Node Replicas at Distributed & Centralized Levels in Mobile WSN
| Total Downloads : 154
Authors : Mohit Gupta, Manisha Lumb
Analysis of Asymmetrical Cascaded 7 Level and 9 Level Multilevel Inverter Design for Asynchronous Motor
| Total Downloads : 1198
Authors : Nayna Bhargava, Sanjeev Gupta, S P Phulambrikar
Performance Analysis of Z-source Inverter for Speed Control of an Induction Motor using Wind Energy Conversion System
| Total Downloads : 525
Authors : Habeeb Fathima, Dr. S. Tara Kalyani
The Modeling and Simulation of Zero Voltage Switching, Power Factor Correction for Three Phase Three Level Boost Rectifier
| Total Downloads : 401
Authors : Arpit Panchratan, Mr. Sudhir P. Phulambrikar
Textile Engineering Domain Specific Optimized Web Search System
| Total Downloads : 122
Authors : Varsha S. Kshirsagar, Siddheshwar A. Khuba
Management and Control of Photovoltaic Systems and Energy Storage in the DC Micro-Grid
| Total Downloads : 511
Authors : Sajad Rahimi, Seyed Mohammad Shariatmadar, Mojtaba Jamiati, Amroallah Aliabbasi Jazi
Proposed Battery Storage System Model Connected to the Grid
| Total Downloads : 275
Authors : Sajjad Kamal Arani, Hooman Mazaheri, Seyed Mohammad Shariatmadar
Analysis, Modeling and Control of Induction Motor by using Space Vector Topology
| Total Downloads : 647
Authors : Nirav. D. Tolia, Heena N. Nakum
Optimization of Face Milling Parameters on Surface Roughness of SAE 1541
| Total Downloads : 416
Authors : Sarang S Kulkarni, Prof. M. G. Rathi
Modelling and Simulation of Three-Phase Single Switch Active Power Factor Correction Based Quadratic Buck Converter
| Total Downloads : 1682
Authors : Shobhit Jain, S. P. Phulambikar
Performance Study of Mobile IPv6 Using OPNET
| Total Downloads : 663
Authors : Firas Abdullah Thweny Al-Saedi, Muhanad Mustafa Asem
Detecting Clinical Features of Diabetic Retinopathy using Image Processing
| Total Downloads : 517
Authors : Nimmy Thomas, Therese Yamuna Mahesh
Sustainable Computer Monitor Casing Design using Vault Structure
| Total Downloads : 137
Authors : Srinivas A, Sreenivasa C. G, Pruthvi H. M
The Influence of Physical and Geometrical Parameters on the Electrical Characteristics of Gan MESFET
| Total Downloads : 196
Authors : Azzi Ouarda
Development of Mix Proportions for Different Grades of Metakaolin Based Self Compacting Concrete
| Total Downloads : 406
Authors : Chaitanya Ananda Kumar Lam, P Krishna Prasanna
Design and Analysis of Generic Architecture of Multipliers
| Total Downloads : 244
Authors : Ms. Ritu Jain, Mr. Dinesh Chand Gupta
The Impact of Mobile Information and Communication Technology on Cybercrime in Nigeria
| Total Downloads : 477
Authors : Oyenike Mary Olanrewaju, Faith Oluwatosin Adebiyi
A Novel Approach for Cigarette Smoke-Induced Differential Gene Expression in Blood Cells from Monozygotic Twin Pairs
| Total Downloads : 148
Authors : Akshatha M, Prof. Dr. H. Gurumurthy, Prof. Manjunath Dammalli
Seismic Evaluation of R.C. Framed High Rise Structural System with the Effect of Ground and Intermediate Soft Storey
| Total Downloads : 630
Authors : Mohammed Khaja Moinuddin, Prof Vishwanath. B. Patil
An Advanced Five Level Cascaded Inverter Based Power Conditioning System for Solar Power Applications
| Total Downloads : 310
Authors : Abhimanyu Bhimarjun Panthee, Dr. M. Muralidhar

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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