Vol. 3 - Issue 8 (August - 2014)

PSO and GA Based Performance Optimization of PI Controller in Three Phase Shunt Hybrid Filter
| Total Downloads : 540
Authors : T. Parithimar Kalaignan, J. Senthil Kumar, Y. Suresh
Exposure Towards Personalized Image Search Concerning Social Sharing System
| Total Downloads : 134
Authors : B. Krishna Sahi, R. Eswaraiah
Axle Line Capacity up-gradation by Process Planning
| Total Downloads : 137
Authors : Kamlesh Kumar Singh, Rajendra Kumar, Rajat Upadhyaya
Realtime Safety Measures in Railways Using Embedded System
| Total Downloads : 589
Authors : Lakshminarayana Chavala, G. Tony Santhosh
A Study on Feasibility of Using Oryza Sativa Residues for Power Generation
| Total Downloads : 135
Authors : Phool Singh Chauhan, Dr. Anurag Tewari
Deciphering Groundwater Potential Zones in Dandavathiriver Basin of Sorab Taluk, Shivamogga District Using Remote Sensing and Gis
| Total Downloads : 315
Authors : S. L. Arunkumar, G. Chandrakantha, Sandhya S. K. ,
A Novel Approach for Optimization of Microcode BIST by Enhanced Faults Coverage for Embedded Memory
| Total Downloads : 262
Authors : Maheswari Veeranki, Sekhar Reddy Gaddam
Small Signal Stability Analysis of Multi-Machine Power Systems Interfaced with Micro Grid
| Total Downloads : 1368
Authors : K. Harinee, D. Padma Subramanian
Review on Performance Analysis of Detection of Single Carrier FDMA
| Total Downloads : 236
Authors : Navdeep Singh, Dr. Rinkesh Mittal
Analysis of Machining Properties in Dry, Near Dry & Wet Machining on EN9 Steel
| Total Downloads : 709
Authors : Narinder Gupta, Naveen Singla, Kanwal Jeet Singh
National Identification Issues and the Solution using Smart Card Technology
| Total Downloads : 695
Authors : Agwah C. Benjamin, Agbaraji C. Emmanuel, Ezetoha Franklin
Bandwidth Enhancement of Microstrip Line Inset Fed Patch Antenna
| Total Downloads : 588
Authors : Vikram Pratap Singh, Manoj Thakur
Intra and Inter Sector Stock Price Forecasting using Association Rule Mining (IISARM)
| Total Downloads : 272
Authors : Vishal Adheli, Vipul Bag
Determination of Optical Constants N and K for MgO Nanopowder Using Kramers-Kronig Equation
| Total Downloads : 380
Authors : Misagh Ghamari, Mahdi Ghasemifard, Ehsan Fathi
DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.17577/IJERTV3IS080329
Handover and Power Control in WIMAX Networks
| Total Downloads : 261
Authors : Firas Abdullah Thweny Al-saedi, Wafa A. Maddallah
User Interface Designing: Colour Therapy Sharing Application
| Total Downloads : 169
Authors : Mustafa Gh. Saeed, Tawfeeq M. Tawfeeq, Nasr S. Hadi
Dynamic Response Study of Fixed Speed and Doubly fed Induction Wind Generators using RTDS
| Total Downloads : 351
Authors : Meera K. S, K. Santosh Patro, Kingsuk Saha
Development of an Empirical Formula for Computing Sediment Loads in Upstream of Al-Hafar Regulator
| Total Downloads : 133
Authors : Sahar Munder Ressen, Prof. Dr. Saleh I. Khassaf
Optimizing the Virtual Machine Migrations in Cloud Computing Systems by using Future Prediction Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 348
Authors : Vishnu S Sekhar, Neena Joseph
Performance Analysis of Photovoltaic Assisted Electric Vehicle
| Total Downloads : 203
Authors : Scott Crawford, Ziyad Salameh

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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