Vol. 3 - Issue 8 (August - 2014)

Bridge Management System in Sabah
| Total Downloads : 298
Authors : Salinah Dullah, Habibah Ghazali, Mohd Khairil Nidzam Jausus
Power Electronics Application in Renewable Energy
| Total Downloads : 257
Authors : Yogendra. V. Kulkarni
Meta-Analysis of Corrosion Behaviour
| Total Downloads : 104
Authors : Jeegar Joshi, Dhruval Shah
Outdoor Path Propagation Modelling in a Building of Rajasthan at Frequencies of 900MHz and 2.1GHz
| Total Downloads : 227
Authors : Dr. Deepak Gupta , Sushma Trivedi , Amit Kushwaha, Sonal Kothari, Mohd. Sikander
Cobit 4.1: A Maturity Level Framework For Measurement of Information System Performance (Case Study: Academic Bureau at Universitas Respati Yogyakarta)
| Total Downloads : 2698
Authors : Herison Surbakti
Enhancement of ATC With Facts Devices using Real-Code Genetic Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 246
Authors : K. Sabitha, Sk. Jan Bhasha
Pathloss Modeling at 2.3Ghz Frequency Band in the Suburbs of Tropical Region
| Total Downloads : 132
Authors : A. I Omer, Tharek Abdurahman , A. S. Al-ahmadi
Assessment of Three Spatial Interpolation Models to Obtain the Best One for Cumulative Rainfall Estimation (Case study: Ramsar District)
| Total Downloads : 267
Authors : Hasan Zabihi, Anuar Ahmad,, Mohamad Nor Said
Uncompressed Video Watermarking Using Motion Vectors and Back Propagation Network
| Total Downloads : 109
Authors : Anurag Mishra, Monika Srivastava
A System of Privacy Preserving Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage System
| Total Downloads : 298
Authors : Miss. Pratiksha Meshram, Prof. Roshani Talmale, Prof. G. Rajeshbabu
Intelligent Numerical Differential Protection of Power Transformer using DWT and ANN
| Total Downloads : 350
Authors : Kripa Shanker, Md Irfan Ahmed
Features Analysis of EEG Signals using Neural Network as Classifier for Diseases Diagnoses and Function Operation
| Total Downloads : 382
Authors : Mazher B Tayel, Abdel-moneim Abdel-bary Abdel Nasser, Ahmed Fouad Gaber Kishk
Study on Behavior of Paper Industry Treated Effluent as Mixing Water in Concrete for Pollution Control and Sustainable Development.
| Total Downloads : 388
Authors : G. K. Arunvivek, A. Preetha, T. Bragadeeswaran, D. Mahendran
An Efficient Travel Time Prediction Method using Cosine Similarity
| Total Downloads : 197
Authors : Subrina Akter, Jamshed Alam Patwary, Shamima Akter, Lutfun Nahar
CFD Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement of A Car Radiator using Nanofluid as A Coolant
| Total Downloads : 2725
Authors : Vinod M. Angadi, R Nagaraj, Dr. O. D. Hebbal
Non-Linear Static Analysis of G+3 Storeyed RC Buildings With openings in Infill Walls
| Total Downloads : 339
Authors : Praveen Rathod, Dr. S. S. Dyavanal
Design and Static Analysis of I-Section Boom for Rotary Jib Crane
| Total Downloads : 1160
Authors : Mr. Subhash N. Khetre, Ms. Priyanka S. Bankar, Mr. Arun M. Meshram
AMSTMAC: Adaptive Multipath Selective Time MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
| Total Downloads : 104
Authors : Monika Kukreja, Bhawna Gupta
Advanced Lighting Control System for A Day Lit Office
| Total Downloads : 108
Authors : Abhinav Karthik. S, Abiranjan. P
Early Detection of Coronary Vascular Disease using Data Mining: Literature Survey
| Total Downloads : 170
Authors : Sikander Singh Khurl, Gurpreet Singh

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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