Vol. 3 - Issue 8 (August - 2014)

Experimental Investigation on Performance, Emission and Combustion Characteristics of Single Cylinder LHR Diesel Engine using Tobacco Seed Biodiesel
| Total Downloads : 393
Authors : Basavaraja. K. T, Prakash. S. Patil , Dr. O. D. Hebbal
Detection of Fault in Rolling Element Bearing using Condition Monitoring by Experimental Approach
| Total Downloads : 1083
Authors : Sakshi Kokil, Prof. S. Y. Gajjal, Asst. Prof. M. M. Shah, Prof. S. D. Kokil
Multi-Level Inverter for Power Quality Improvement in Renewable Power Generation System
| Total Downloads : 531
Authors : S. Naresh Kumar, S. Naresh Sivakanth, K. Siva Kumar
Durability of High Volume Fly Ash Concrete
| Total Downloads : 280
Authors : M. Vaishnavi, M. Kanta Rao
Recent Advancements in Aerothermodynamic Design Optimization of Spiked Hypersonic Winged Re-Entry Vehicle using CFD
| Total Downloads : 348
Authors : P. Harish, Naveen Hn, K. Rajagopal
Experimental Analysis of Mechanical and Adsorption Hybrid Refrigeration with CO2 as Refrigerant and Activated Carbon as Absorbent
| Total Downloads : 367
Authors : Mr. Shubham, Mr. Prashant Kumar, Mr. Aditya Sharma
A Comparative Study on Flexural Strength of Concrete Containing Different Mineral Admixtures as Replacement of Cement
| Total Downloads : 489
Authors : Apoorv Singh, Prof. R. D Patel
Revived Fuzzy K-Means Clustering Technique for Image Segmentation
| Total Downloads : 496
Authors : Jadhav Swapnil N, Prof. Sarita V. Verma
Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Wood/Clay Plastic Composites
| Total Downloads : 210
Authors : Alebiosu Samuel Olubunmi, Akindiya I. Oludare, Biotidara Frank O. , Lawal M. O.
Detection of Lung Carcinoma using Fuzzy and ACO Techniques
| Total Downloads : 200
Authors : Sandeep Kumar Saini, Gaurav, Amita Choudhary
Design and Implementation of Chord Algorithm in Wireless Mesh Networks
| Total Downloads : 193
Authors : K. Sharath Kumar, Dr. M. Rama Bai
Barrelling Aspects and Microstructure Examination of Sintered AISI 8620 P/M Steel during Hot Upset Powder Preform Forging
| Total Downloads : 162
Authors : Y. G. Bala, S. RamanSankaranarayanan, K. S. Pandey
Design and Simulation of 360 MHzX19 SRD Multiplier
| Total Downloads : 992
Authors : Bikash Ghosal, R K Bahl, S Mandal, G M Saxena, A Banik
Designing Conceptual Model for Banking Customer Relationship Management Systems Based on Cloud Computing
| Total Downloads : 625
Authors : Fatemeh Hajmaleki, Seyyed Mohsen Hashemi
A Virtual Insurance Model as A Banking Service by Cloud Computing
| Total Downloads : 231
Authors : Atefeh Gharagozloo, Seyyed Mohsen Hashemi
Video Watermarking Scheme using Motion Vectors With RBF Neural Network
| Total Downloads : 151
Authors : Anurag Mishra, Latesh Sharma
Thermo Structural Analysis of Cryogenic Fluid Circuit
| Total Downloads : 368
Authors : Nithin M, Dheeresh R, Srinivasa Rao P
Comparison Study on Image Denoising Through Wiener Filter
| Total Downloads : 592
Authors : Akash Kethwas, Dr. Bhavana Jharia
Image De-Noising Techniques: A Review Paper
| Total Downloads : 206
Authors : Juhi Mishra, Saurabh Mitra
Estimation of Safety Stock for Inventory Control using MADM approach in an Electrical Industry
| Total Downloads : 338
Authors : Akhil Devaraj, Dr M S Jayamohan

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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