Vol. 3 - Issue 8 (August - 2014)

X Charts with Variable Sampling Interval, Control limits, and Warning Limits
| Total Downloads : 148
Authors : Shashibhushan B. Mahadik
An Experimental Investigation for the Permeability of Chloride in Admixtured Cement Mortars using Rapid Chloride Permeability Test Apparatus
| Total Downloads : 313
Authors : Kuruva Vamshi Prasad, Gude Rama Krishna
Review of Internal Security Attacks in Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETs)
| Total Downloads : 424
Authors : Vikash Porwal, Rajeev Patel, Dr. R. K. Kapoor
An Effective Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Network for Energy Optimization
| Total Downloads : 132
Authors : Kanche Rajkumar, Manjunath T N, Das Prakash
DMAIC Six Sigma Definition and an Analytical Implementation: Car Industry Case Studies
| Total Downloads : 834
Authors : Yasamin Eslami , Matin Mohaghegh, Alessandro Brun
Design and Development of OFDM Baseband Transceiver using VIRTEX-6 FPGA Family
| Total Downloads : 1056
Authors : S. Geetha Reddy, Y. Penchalaiah, A. Rajani
Estimation of Compression Strength On Hybrid Composite Corrugated Sandwich Coupons
| Total Downloads : 241
Authors : Saiprasad, Harinath Gowd, Guru Mahesh, Manu
Experimental Study on Parameter Optimization of CNC End Milling for Composite Material LM6 Al/SiCp
| Total Downloads : 260
Authors : Neeraj Kumar, Prof. K. K. Chhabra
Thermal - Visual Comfort Analysis
| Total Downloads : 190
Authors : Raafe Karim Khan, Sandhyalaxmi G Navada
Performance Based Analysis of Bridge Deck For Distinctive Girder Types
| Total Downloads : 625
Authors : Prateek S. Hundekar, Dr. Dilip K. Kulkarni
Performance Analysis of a PMSG Based Wind Energy Conversion System
| Total Downloads : 1378
Authors : Suji Muhammed, Krishnakumari V
An Image Encryption using Multilevel Randomized Genetic Algorithm Techniques
| Total Downloads : 193
Authors : Badinedi Siva Rama Krishna Kumar, Shaik Mulla Almas
Characterization of Alumina Porous Nano Structure With Adjusting Fuel Ratio Via Modified Auto Combustion Method
| Total Downloads : 371
Authors : Mahdi Ghasemifard, Misagh Ghamari, Ehsan Fathi, Alireza Karbalaei, Meisam Iziy
DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.17577/IJERTV3IS080564
A Study on Effect of Basic Cutting Variables on Machining Characterestics of Low Carbon Steel Work-Material in Turning
| Total Downloads : 935
Authors : Supriya J P, V George
Optimization of Boring Process Parameters By Using Taguchi Method
| Total Downloads : 333
Authors : Mayuresh P Vaishnav, Prof. S. A. Sonawane
Management of DFIG Wind Turbine against the Transitional State and Short - Circuit
| Total Downloads : 133
Authors : Ehsan Shahmoradi Poor, Mojtaba Jamiati, Hamid Ranjbar Torkamani, Sayyed Mahmoud Athari Esfahani
Seismic Performance of RC Frame With Steel Bracings
| Total Downloads : 694
Authors : Dr. R. B. Khadiranaikar, Yallappa Halli
Effects of MHD Laminar Flow Between a Fixed Impermeable Disk and a Porous Rotating Disk
| Total Downloads : 312
Authors : Hemant Poonia, R. C. Chaudhary
Statistical Analysis of Microarray Data to Elucidate the Differential Gene Expression of Puccinia Striiformis F.sp. Tritici.
| Total Downloads : 207
Authors : Shwetha. P, Dr. H. Gurumurthy, Prof. Manjunath Dammalli
A Novel approach for Face Recognition System Based on Eigen Vector
| Total Downloads : 219
Authors : Bhavna K. Pancholi, Lalit G. Patil, Bharat B. Parmar

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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