Vol. 3 - Issue 8 (August - 2014)

Use of Three Types of Fish Scales as Biomass Support in Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor for Biological Treatment of Dairy Wastewater
| Total Downloads : 412
Authors : Amal El Jaafari, Nadia Boutaleb, Bouchaib Bahlaouan, TahaTaiek, Mohamed Bennani, Said Lazar & Said El antri
Utilization of Waste Plastic in Manufacturing of Plastic-Soil Bricks
| Total Downloads : 3354
Authors : Maneeth P. D, Pramod K, Kishor Kumar B R , Shanmukha Shetty
Distributed Pair Programming: A Survey
| Total Downloads : 342
Authors : Mohanraj N, Sankar A
Sane : Secure Encryption Technique for Alphnumeric Data Over Web Based Applications
| Total Downloads : 239
Authors : Lalitha Ruby, Rahul Johari
Design and Analysis of Cyclone Seperator
| Total Downloads : 1825
Authors : Bharath Raj Reddy Dere , Divya Sree Amerla , Mahesh Babu , Rajiv Rao
Numerical Study of Flow and Heat Transfer in Circular Tube With Almond Shape Dimple
| Total Downloads : 662
Authors : Pooja Patil, Padmakar Deshmukh
Implementing Ontologies and Knowledge Bases As A Means for A More Efficient Creation and Adopting of Budget Local Self – Government Units in Bosnia And Herzegovina
| Total Downloads : 186
Authors : Radovan Klincov, Mladen Radivojević, Davor Radivojević
OVAT Analysis for Improving Weld Quality in MIG Welding
| Total Downloads : 489
Authors : Milind M. Ghogale, Prof. S. A. Patil
Numerical Study of Different Cross-Sectional Stacked Microchannel Heat Sink
| Total Downloads : 732
Authors : V Sarath Teja, A Ramakrishna, Dr. G V S N R Ratnakara Rao
Study of Behavior of Sintered Ternary Alloy Under Unlubricated and Lubricated Condition
| Total Downloads : 241
Authors : S B Halesh, P. Dinesh
Analysis of The Tractor Age and Its Effect on Fuel Consumption: Case study of Sudan
| Total Downloads : 694
Authors : Farid Eltom, A. E, M. H. Dahab, Ding Weiming , Mohamed Ali Kara
Extraction and Optimization of Biodiesel Produced from Waste Cooking Oil and Comparing the Performance and Emission Characteristics with Diesel at Different Compression Ratios
| Total Downloads : 528
Authors : Jaspreet Singh, Harpreet Singh
Automatic Gate Control System Based On Vehicle License Plate Recognition
| Total Downloads : 2384
Authors : Ismael Saad Eltoum, Zhaojun Xue
Designing a Buck Converter with a New Switching Technique at Zero Current
| Total Downloads : 366
Authors : Seyed Mohammad Shariatmadar, Amroallah Aliabbasi Jazi, Sayyed Mahmoud Athari Esfahani
A Review of Graphical Image as Authentication Approaches in Cloud Computing
| Total Downloads : 264
Authors : Teshu Gaurav Singh, Somesh Dewangan, Dhairy Kumar Gopal
Force and Deformation Responses of Tall Reinforced Concrete Building Frames
| Total Downloads : 622
Authors : Karthik Shinde M, Prema Kumar W P, Sandeep Pingale, Rekha B
Feasibility and Application of Sulfur In Concrete Structures
| Total Downloads : 528
Authors : Naufal Rizwan P. S. , Dhiwagar Maria Jesuraj S, Vipin V P, Veera Anbuvel, S. Prabhakaran
Decoupling Design of Model-Driven Control System for Better Sensitivities
| Total Downloads : 314
Authors : G. Mamatha Reddy, E. Chudamani
Artificial Neural Network Based Modeling and Control of Bioreactor
| Total Downloads : 546
Authors : Ballekallu Chinna Eeranna, P. Subba Rao, G. Prabhaker Reddy
Voltage Sag Improvement in Distribution Systems in Presence of Dispersed Generation Resources
| Total Downloads : 202
Authors : Hooman Mazaheri, Sajad Rahimi, Seyed Mohammad Shariatmadar

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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