Vol. 3 - Issue 4 (April- 2014)

A Review of BJT Based Phototransistor
| Total Downloads : 1154
Authors : Chandrika Sharma, Nidhi Sharma, Poornima Sharma, Veerendra Kumar
Isodata Classification Technique to Assess the Shoreline Changes of Kolachel to Kayalpattanam Coast
| Total Downloads : 637
Authors : N. Shenbagaraj, N. D. Mani, M. Muthukumar
Comparative Analysis of Flooding and Jamming Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
| Total Downloads : 718
Authors : Shikha Jindal, Raman Maini
Image Authentication using JPEG Headers
| Total Downloads : 722
Authors : Parthiban. R
Text Based Language Identification System for Indian Languages Following Devanagiri Script
| Total Downloads : 758
Authors : Indhuja K, Indu M, Sreejith C, P. C. Reghu Raj
A Review on Brain Tumor Segmentation
| Total Downloads : 680
Authors : Sunitha S, Santhoshi Sukumaran
A Study of Preprocessing and Segmentation Techniques on Cardiac Medical Images
| Total Downloads : 1086
Authors : Shameena N, Rahna Jabbar
Problem Solving In Production of Internal Expanding Brake
| Total Downloads : 1033
Authors : Kalpesh P. Baleja, Vishal K. Savaliya, Mahesh N. Dhandhukiya, Prof. Jigar S. Patel
Jacobian Analysis of Limited DOF Parallel Manipulator using Wrench and Reciprocal Screw Principle
| Total Downloads : 900
Authors : Hassen Nigatu, Ajit Pal Singh, P. Prabhu
Design of 6 Bit Vedik Multiplier using Vedik Sutra
| Total Downloads : 861
Authors : Yashkumar . M . Warkari, Prof L. P. Thakre, Dr. A. Y. Deshmukh
The design of high performance Barrel Integer Adder
| Total Downloads : 419
Authors : B. Vidya , D. Madhuri , M. Sreevani, B. Krishna, D. Arunkumar
Issues in Risk Management: the Perspectives of Managers in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry
| Total Downloads : 825
Authors : Dr. Tarila Zuofa, Dr. Edward G. Ochieng
Uploading and Processing Big Data to the Cloud Using Online Techniques
| Total Downloads : 510
Authors : M. Lalitha, Ch. Divya
Entropy and Exergy Analysis of Thermo cline Zone in the Solar Domestic Hot Water Storage Tank
| Total Downloads : 318
Authors : Assist. Prof. Mainak Bhaumik
A Review on Network Intrusion Detection using Artificial Immune System (AIS)
| Total Downloads : 690
Authors : Vijeta, Vivek Sharma
Processing and Flexural Strength of Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy-Matrix Hybrid Composite
| Total Downloads : 1702
Authors : Prashanth Turla, S. Sampath Kumar, P. Harshitha Reddy, K. Chandra Shekar
Secure Multiple Multicast in Wireless Networks
| Total Downloads : 210
Authors : Aiswarya. V, Arockiaraj Jovith. A
Speech Watermarking of Fingerprints Using Perceptual Hashing for Authentication
| Total Downloads : 222
Authors : Arjun Jain, Shruthi Sharath, Shwetha S Choudhary, Vinutha G H
Toxicity Prediction of Cosmetics Product through Bioinformatics Tool: T.E.S.T
| Total Downloads : 398
Authors : Vijay Laxmi Saxena, Shrasti Gupta, Saima Sajid
An Effective Method for Forensic Latent Fingerprint Enhancement and Dictionary Construction
| Total Downloads : 303
Authors : Saranya R, Indu M. G.

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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