Vol.2 - Issue 10 (October - 2013)

3-Stage Maintenance Model for Flexible Manufacturing Systems
| Total Downloads : 576
Authors : Gauraw A. Patil
Review on Failure Analysis of yoke assembly of a transmission drive shaft subjected to Torsion and Shear
| Total Downloads : 2748
Authors : Mr.P.G.Tathe, Prof.D.S.Bajaj
Sheet Metal Forming Analysis with An Emphasis on Spring Back Deformation
| Total Downloads : 1813
Authors : Nagesh, Prof. Sunil Mangshetty, Prof. Bharth Kodli
Radiation Analysis and Design of Pyramidal Horn Antenna
| Total Downloads : 2849
Authors : R. Kiran Chand, Dr. M V Raghavendra, K.Sathyavathi
Environmental Impact Assessment of Thermal Power Plant in Singrauli
| Total Downloads : 1557
Authors : Gaurish Kumar Dubey, Rajesh Kumar Kaushal, Praveen Patel
A Finite Element Analysis of Orthogonal Machining Using Different Tool Edge Geometries and End Relief Angles
| Total Downloads : 1207
Authors : Shravankumar C, Bharat.S.Kodli
VSC-HVDC System for Performance Enhancement
| Total Downloads : 1107
Authors : Mr. Niraj Dhananjay Gondhalekar, Ms. Deepa Kotur, Ms. Anwesha Sengupta, Dr. (Mrs.) Sonali R Dasgupta
Underwater Bearings only Passive Target Tracking Using Pseudo Linear Estimator
| Total Downloads : 744
Authors : B. Rama Devi, Dr.K.RajaRajeswari, Dr.S.Koteswara Rao
Drowsiness Detection in Real Time Driving Conditions
| Total Downloads : 1179
Authors : Y.Mrudula, A.Deepthi, Ch.Ganapathi Reddy
Low - error Fixed-Width Modified Booth Multipliers for DSP applications
| Total Downloads : 595
Authors : A. Poli Reddy, K.V. Yateendranath
Development of Watermelon rind incorporated Fruit butter
| Total Downloads : 915
Authors : Aruna Kumari Yadla, M S Baig, Aishwarya, Alekhya, Nirmala, Rushma Teja, Venkatesh, Sandhya M
Experimental study on strength behaviour of recycled aggregate concrete
| Total Downloads : 1658
Authors : Md Shakir Ahmed, H S Vidyadhara
Power Quality Improvement in Renewable Energy Interconnection Grid at Distribution Level
| Total Downloads : 1152
Authors : Medipalli Suresh, Srinivas STP
Construction of Pile Foundation at GALANDER-KANDIZAL Bridge in J&K
| Total Downloads : 1139
Authors : Mohammad Adil Dar, Prof (Dr) A.R. Dar, Shazia Shafi, Jayalakshmi Raju
Effect of Vehicle Bumper Shape Design on the Severity of Pedestrian Leg Injury at Collision
| Total Downloads : 783
Authors : Hatam Mahmood Samaka, Dr. Faris Tarlochan, Samer F
Effect of Compaction on Deformation Pattern of Soil Reinforced with Vertical Piles under a Vertically Loaded Foundation
| Total Downloads : 414
Authors : Musa Alhassan
Innovation for the Use of BUSHGRAVEL and PITSAND as Aggregates for Concrete in Construction Industry
| Total Downloads : 603
Authors : Aliu A.O, Oluwasegunfunmi V
OSPF with Deterministic Routing
| Total Downloads : 292
Authors : Sachin Bojewar, Dnyaneshwar Dhangar
Feature Clustering algorithms for text classification-Novel Techniques and Reviews
| Total Downloads : 449
Authors : Bhagyasri. A, P. Praneetha, I.Kali Pradeep, G. Ravindra Bharathi
Stable Election Leach Protocol – A Review
| Total Downloads : 507
Authors : Laveena Mahajan, Narinder Sharma

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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