Vol.2 - Issue 5 (May - 2013)

Cell Hash Routingwith Multiple Paths In Wireless Sensor Networks
| Total Downloads : 1205
Authors : Macwan Kiran
Blocking Misbehaving Users In Anonymous Networks Using Nymble System
| Total Downloads : 1217
Authors : Senthil Kumar. B, , Saravanaselvam. N
Medical Traffic Management Filtering For Mobile Healthcare System
| Total Downloads : 706
Authors : Zin Win Aye
Microstructure, Mechanical And Wear Properties Of Aluminum 5083 Alloy Processed By Equal Channel Angular Extrusion
| Total Downloads : 1782
Authors : N. Thiyaneshwaran, P. Sureshkumar
Production Of Simarouba Bio-Diesel Using Mixed Base Catalyst, And Its Performance Study On Ci Engine
| Total Downloads : 1471
Authors : Amruth. E, Dr. R. Suresh, Yathish K V
Biodiesel Production From Custard Apple Seed (Annona Squamosa) Oil And Its Characteristics Study
| Total Downloads : 3711
Authors : Yathish. K.V, Omkaresh. B. R, Dr. R. Suresh
FPGA Implementation Of Power Efficient Low Latency Viterbi Decoder
| Total Downloads : 2314
Authors : Nirmal Bhatt, Prof. Milind Shah, Prof. Bhavesh Asodariya
Performance Analysis Of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Over Fading Channel And Space Time Block Code
| Total Downloads : 1038
Authors : K. Sujatha, Dr. S. Varadarajan
Performance Analysis Of Speed Control Of Dc Motor Using P, PI, PD And PID Controllers
| Total Downloads : 4936
Authors : V M Venkateswara Rao
IAA (Internet Access Account) Based Security Modal For Detection And Prevention Of Cyber Crime
| Total Downloads : 1275
Authors : Gaurav Singhal, S. R. Tandan, Rohit Miri
Study Of Digital Hearing Aid Using Frequency Shaping Function
| Total Downloads : 1408
Authors : Navdeep Kaur, Dr. Hardeep Singh Ryait
Overlap Shear Strength Determination In Composite Materials Using Finite Element Approach For Single Strap Butt Joint
| Total Downloads : 798
Authors : Chandraprakash Giri, Abhishek Jha, Omesh Chandrakar
Design Of Underground Coal Mine Monitoring System
| Total Downloads : 2559
Authors : Vaibhav Pandit, Prof. U. A. Rane
Wide Band Spectrum Sensing Using Window Based Energy Detector For AWGN And Rayleigh Channels
| Total Downloads : 610
Authors : Geethu S, Mathini Sellathurai, G. Lakshminarayanan
Through Focus Optical Imaging Technique To Analyze Variations In Nano-Scale Indents
| Total Downloads : 495
Authors : S. Usha, P. V. Shashikumar, G. C. Mohankumar, Srikantha. S. Rao
A Weighted Checklist Based Comparison Framework For The Evaluation Of Educational ERP Systems
| Total Downloads : 646
Authors : Amol Sharma, Ajay Rana
Literature Survey On Modern Image Steganographic Techniques
| Total Downloads : 3549
Authors : Priya Thomas
Optimized Design Of The Bldc Motor For Higher Efficiency
| Total Downloads : 720
Authors : Soumya Sheel, Vinay Kumar Tripathi
Power Quality Improvement By A D-FACT Device Using Repetitive Controller
| Total Downloads : 683
Authors : Rashmi Kapoor, Dr. M. Sushama
Synthesisation A Way To Enhance Image Using Texture Synthesis
| Total Downloads : 483
Authors : Amruta G. Chakkarwar, Prof. V. K. Shandilya

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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