Vol.2 - Issue 3 (March - 2013)

Web Graphs Recommendation For Domain-Specific Search
| Total Downloads : 461
Authors : Sheeba. R, Dr. E.R. Naganathan
Magnetic Abrasive Finishing- A Review
| Total Downloads : 6636
Authors : Harish Kumar, Sehijpal Singh, Pardeep Kumar
Content-Based Image Retrieval System in Medical Applications
| Total Downloads : 2411
Authors : R. Senthil Kumar, Dr. M. Senthilmurugan
Two Password Authentication Based Security Of Patient's Private Data
| Total Downloads : 796
Authors : Mamalisa Nayak, Nitin Agrawal
Experimental Research on Influence of Hardware Infrastructure Sizing on Optimization of PLM System Performance in Auto Industry
| Total Downloads : 683
Authors : M. S. Gopinatha, Dr. Vishnukanth S. Chatpalli, Dr. K. S. Sridhar
Enhanced Clustering Algorithm for Classification of Datasets
| Total Downloads : 996
Authors : Shalini Singh, Ravi Sheth, Anand Pandya
Application of Fuzzy Logic in Urban Planning For TIA
| Total Downloads : 1019
Authors : Jayasree K, Bharathi M B, Srilatha A
A Novel Approach of Lossless Image Compression using Hashing and Huffman Coding
| Total Downloads : 1458
Authors : Dr. T. Bhaskara Reddy, Miss. Hema Suresh Yaragunti, Dr. S. Kiran, Mrs. T. Anuradha
Perfunctory Issues Errand to Superfluous Effectual Prophetic System
| Total Downloads : 540
Authors : Deepak Gaur, Richa Gaur
Runtime Environment for JAVA Technologies using Google App Engine
| Total Downloads : 832
Authors : Maria Dominic, Anthony Philomen Raj, Sagayaraj Francis, Xavier Pakkiam
Studies on Process Parameters in End Milling Operations of Aluminium Alloy
| Total Downloads : 1112
Authors : S. Madhava Reddy, A. Chennakesava Reddy
Automatic Recognition of Machining Features using STEP Files
| Total Downloads : 1734
Authors : V. N. Malleswari, Dr. P. M.Valli, Dr. M. M. M. Sarcar
A Broadband Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna for UHF RFID Applications
| Total Downloads : 1149
Authors : K.Elayaraja , Roopa Jayasingh
Secure Cloud Based Document Management System
| Total Downloads : 933
Authors : Varsha Jawale, Vedashri Jundre , Reshma Bathe
Economic Feasibility and Efficient Project Scheduling of Fly-Over in Visakhapatnam (India)
| Total Downloads : 1253
Authors : A. V. Arjun, Dr. L. Venkat, V. M. Naidu
Hand Gesture Recognition System for Image Process (IP) Gaming
| Total Downloads : 2096
Authors : Ashwini Shivatare, Poonam wagh, Mayuri Pisal,Varsha Khedkar, Prof. Mrs. Vidya Kurtadikar
A New Robust Enrichment Symmetric Stream Cipher Approach for Confidentiality Based on RC4 Stream Cipher Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 744
Authors : Jagdeep Singh, Kundan Munjal
Production Of Activated Charcoal From Sugar Cane Leaves Using ZnCl2 Activation For The Adsorption Of Methylene Blue Dye
| Total Downloads : 985
Authors : Deepti Patil, Sanjay Chavan, Shrikant Barkade
Analysis And Design Of Priority Encoder Circuit Using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata
| Total Downloads : 1346
Authors : P. Ilanchezhian, Dr. R. M. S. Parvathi
Review On Casting Cleaning Technique
| Total Downloads : 1470
Authors : Mr. S. S. Petkar

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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