Vol.2 - Issue 6 (June - 2013)

OTP : Web Authentication Protocol To Restrict Password Stealing And Password Reuse Attacks
| Total Downloads : 386
Authors : S. Renuka, B. Mahesh
Crash Analysis Of Bumper Assembly With Solver To Improvise The Design For Impact Tests
| Total Downloads : 1051
Authors : F. B. Sayyad, Abhaysingh Diliprao Deshmukh
Simulation And On-Site Measurement Methods To Study Thermal Performance Of Rural Mud Hut In Humid Sub-Tropical Climate: A Case-Study In Jharkhand, India
| Total Downloads : 483
Authors : Janmejoy Gupta, Dr Manjari Chakraborty
An Comparative Analysis Of NEET’s (Negate Extended Elements Time In Sorting) Algorithm With Bubble Sort And Cocktail Sort In Matlab
| Total Downloads : 232
Authors : Ayush Kumar Yogi
Design Of Low Power Bcd Adder Using 14-T Full Adder
| Total Downloads : 680
Authors : Sandhya P, Yugesh Kumar P
Feature Extraction And Segmentation Of White Blood Cells
| Total Downloads : 910
Authors : Vaishali Phapale, Prof. V. D. Hajare, Prof. H. T. Patil
Natural Water Cooled System
| Total Downloads : 256
Authors : Mayank Uniyal, Hemant Negi, Bharat Pratap, Himanshu Bisht, Kanika, Karuna, Deepak Barthwal
A Survey On Fault Tolerance Techniques And Methods In Cloud Computing
| Total Downloads : 1610
Authors : Gagandeep Singh & Supriya Kinger
A Wireless Approach For Powering Of Solar Power Satellite
| Total Downloads : 748
Authors : Divya Vaishnav, Ritesh Diwan
Control Of Starting Flow Mach Number To Obtain Optimum Performance In A Hypersonic Inlet
| Total Downloads : 547
Authors : S. Senthilkumar, P. Karthikeyan, S. Kumaresan
Vulnerability Detection For Sql Injection Attacks: An Experimental Survey
| Total Downloads : 317
Authors : Premveer, Ankur Srivastava, Anurag Jain
Enhancement Of Surface Finish For CNC Turning Cutting Parameters By Using Taguchi Method
| Total Downloads : 1078
Authors : Kanase Tanaji. S, Jadhav D. B.
Test Case Minimization By Generating Requirement Based Mathematical Equations
| Total Downloads : 390
Authors : Mamta Santosh, Rajvir Singh
A Survey On The Factors Impacting The Custmers Over Mobile Service Provider Switching
| Total Downloads : 246
Authors : Saravanan M, Babu S
Localized Broadcasting In Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks With Trust Detection
| Total Downloads : 182
Authors : Geethu Chandran, Jenopaul. P
A Real Coded Genetic Algorithm For Solving Combined Economic Emission Dispatch (CEED) With Practical Constraints
| Total Downloads : 811
Authors : Deepan B., Janani R.
Evaluation Of Seismic Design Forces Of Indian Building Code
| Total Downloads : 1024
Authors : S. Farrukh Anwar, A. K. Asthana
Performance Of Insulated LPG Burner Using Metal Chips As Porous Medium
| Total Downloads : 272
Authors : Mohd. Yunus Khan, Anupriya Saxena
Laminar MHD Convection In A Vertical Channel
| Total Downloads : 310
Authors : Idowu, A. S.; Joseph, K. M.; Are, E. B.; Daniel, K.S.
Finite Element Modeling For The Stress, Buckling And Modal Analysis Of A Cylindrical Pressure Vessel With Torispherical Enclosure
| Total Downloads : 981
Authors : Jeevan. T. P, Divya H. V.

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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