Vol.2 - Issue 6 (June - 2013)

Need Of NFC Technology For Helping Blind And Short Come People
| Total Downloads : 2007
Authors : Mr. Pritesh Upadhyaya
Empirical Testing Of The Neural Network Application Using Feedforward Testing Method
| Total Downloads : 687
Authors : Manoj Kumar Panda
Load Balancing Under Bursty Environment For Cloud Computing
| Total Downloads : 1283
Authors : Naimesh D. Naik, Ashilkumar R. Patel
Overview Of Spintronics
| Total Downloads : 2221
Authors : Mukesh D. Patil, Jitendra S. Pingale, Umar I. Masumdar
Mixed Integer Programming Approach In Radiation Treatment Planning
| Total Downloads : 557
Authors : S. P. Kishore, N. V. S. L. Narasimham
Reducing Scenarios For Cost Optimzation Of Resource Provisioning In Cloud Computing
| Total Downloads : 907
Authors : Dr. V. Venkatesa Kumar, C. Kalpana
Studies On Harden Properties Of Mortar Using Steel Fibre
| Total Downloads : 747
Authors : Damyanti G Badagha, Dr. C D Modhera
Industrial Surveillance System Using Multiple Ultrasonic Sensors & Arm
| Total Downloads : 869
Authors : Mr. Ramchandra K. Gurav, Prof. Mahesh S. Kumbhar
Protection In Cluster Distributed System Using TCP Protocol
| Total Downloads : 815
Authors : Ranjane Suryakant, Patil Anup, Saravade Sunil, Bhalekar Abhijit
Speech Synthesis: A Review
| Total Downloads : 2405
Authors : Archana Balyan, S. S. Agrawal, Amita Dev
Iterative Codeword Construction Based Papr Reduction Of Coded Ofdm Signals
| Total Downloads : 372
Authors : Md. Zaheer Fahtima, K. Tirumala Rao
A Comparison Study On Different Interpolation Methods Based On Satellite Images
| Total Downloads : 1443
Authors : Jency Titus, Sebastian Geroge
CFD Analysis of recirculating flows induced by Axial Swirler
| Total Downloads : 1848
Authors : P. Muthukumar, S. R. Balakrishnan
Electrocardiography Compression using Fast Fourier Transform
| Total Downloads : 692
Authors : Amol R. Madane, Gajanan G. Kale
Application Of Utilizing Series Inverter By Simultaneous Voltage Sag/swell And Load Reactive Power Compensation
| Total Downloads : 732
Authors : Haritha Inavolu, Venkateswara Reddy, Swathi Chenna, Durga Bhavani, Usha Rani
Design and Implementation of Wireless Body Area Sensor Network Based Health Monitoring System
| Total Downloads : 1346
Authors : S. M. Mahalle, P. V. Ingole
Strongly Unique Best Coapproximation In Linear 2-Normed Spaces
| Total Downloads : 390
Authors : R. Vijayaragavan
NDCMD: A Novel Approach Towards Density Based Clustering Using Multidimensional Spatial Data
| Total Downloads : 713
Authors : Khushali Mistry, Swapnil Andhariya, Sahista Machchhar
Low Delay General Complex Orthogonal Space-Time Block Code for Seven and Eight Transmit Antenna
| Total Downloads : 312
Authors : N. S. Murthy, Dr. S. Srigowri, Dr. B. Prbhakara Rao
An Adaptive Design For Discrete Responses Of Patients In Clinical Trials
| Total Downloads : 244
Authors : V Lakshmi Naryana, S. P. Kishore, K. Santosh Reddy

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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