Vol.2 - Issue 7 (July - 2013)

A Novel Approach For Updates In Streaming Data Warehouses By Scalable Scheduling
| Total Downloads : 514
Authors : Dattatray G. Modani, A. Simhadri Babu, Jayant D. Bokefode
Impact Of Magnetic Field Strength On Magnetic Fluid Flow Through A Channel
| Total Downloads : 1973
Authors : S. Saha, S. Chakrabarti
Implementation Of A Graphical Based Password For Folder Cryptography
| Total Downloads : 1736
Authors : Ms. Shilpa. L. Dhapade, Prof. Nilmani Verma
Context Switching In Clouds: Analysis And Enhancements
| Total Downloads : 1032
Authors : Abhinav Mishra, Anil Kumar
Polypropylene / Poly(Trimethylene Terephthalate) Meltblend Fibres With Enhanced Dyeability
| Total Downloads : 848
Authors : Mangesh Teli, Pawan Desai
Effectiveness Of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) Improving The Pupils’ Language Creativity In English
| Total Downloads : 1595
Authors : Dr. Suman Dalal, Ms. Rinku Rani
Grid Service Recommendation System – A Survey
| Total Downloads : 680
Authors : Kaushik T. K, Nagarathna N
Multi Purpose Marine Wireless Networks For Fisherman Aid And Other Applications
| Total Downloads : 2720
Authors : M. Rajaparthiban, Ashvini P, Dhivyadive R
Comparative Study On Image Restoration Techniques Using The Partial Differential Equation And Filters
| Total Downloads : 1221
Authors : Laxmi Laxman, V. Kamalaveni, K. A. Narayanankutty
Strength And Durability Of Fly Ash Geopolymer Blended With Lime Stone Dust
| Total Downloads : 2025
Authors : Debabrata Dutta, Somnath Ghosh
VHDL Implementation Of PWM Technique For Generation Of Switching Pulses
| Total Downloads : 3426
Authors : Veena Walimbe, N. R. Bhasme
Ad-Hoc Network
| Total Downloads : 617
Authors : Avdhesh Kumar Sharma
Apriori Based Algorithms And Their Comparisons
| Total Downloads : 1412
Authors : Rupali, Gaurav Gupta
The Intelligence of The Technology For The Robotic World
| Total Downloads : 448
Authors : Seema M. Shinde
Hash Based Dynamic Password Authentication Mechanism For Kerberos Environment
| Total Downloads : 791
Authors : Vijendrasinh P. Thakur, Prof. K. N. Hande
Hadoop Cloud Application In DNA Alignment And Comparison
| Total Downloads : 394
Authors : Subhendu Bhusan Rout, Bhabani Sankar Prasad Mishra, Satchidananda Dehury
Survey On Bioinformatics And Computational Biology
| Total Downloads : 480
Authors : Pranav Kumar, G. Sahoo
Different Rainfall Prediction Models And General Data Mining Rainfall Prediction Model
| Total Downloads : 2106
Authors : Ganesh P. Gaikwad, Prof. V. B. Nikam
Weak Open Sets in Ideal Bitopological Spaces
| Total Downloads : 672
Authors : Nirmala Rebecca Paul
Study Of Investigations On Process Parameters Of Electro Discharge Sawing Using Taguchi Approach
| Total Downloads : 421
Authors : Kalley Harinarayana, Dr. B. Balu Naik, Dr. N. N.Ramesh

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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