Vol.2 - Issue 1 (January - 2013)

Replenishment Policy for EMQ Model with Rework, Multiple Shipments, Switching and Packaging
| Total Downloads : 588
Authors : W. Ritha, Nivetha Martin
Clad: Accurate Capture Of Transmission In Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
| Total Downloads : 2260
Authors : Kulangara Silpa Prabhu, A. Felix Arokya Jose
Experimental Investigation On Self Compacting Concrete Using Cement Kiln Dust
| Total Downloads : 1901
Authors : Shriram H. Mahure, Mayur B. Vanjare
Thermal Unit Commitment Using Fuzzy Logic
| Total Downloads : 1858
Authors : Uday Kishan R, Seshu Kumar P
Cryptographic Provenance Verification For Secure Hosts
| Total Downloads : 1448
Authors : P .Angel, S. Hemalatha
A Review On Various Interference Effects In A MIMO-OFDM System
| Total Downloads : 1957
Authors : Kajal H. Tailor, Shweta N. Shah
Sensors For Landmine Detection And Techniques: A Review
| Total Downloads : 2852
Authors : M.G.Kale, V. R. Ratnaparkhe, A.S.Bhalchandra
Steady State Thermal & Structural Analysis Of Gas Turbine Blade Cooling System
| Total Downloads : 4889
Authors : R D V Prasad, G Narasa Raju, M S SSrinivasa Rao, N Vasudeva Rao
Efficient Routing Protocols For Vehicular Adhoc Network
| Total Downloads : 3464
Authors : Mr.Nikhil D.Karande, Ms.Kushal K.Kulkarni
Comparison In Undrained Shear Strength Between Low And High Liquid Limit Soils
| Total Downloads : 2645
Authors : Neelu Das, Binu Sarma, Shashikant Singh, Bidyut Bikash Sutradhar
An Off-Line Technique for Prediction of Performance Characteristics of Three Phase Induction Motor
| Total Downloads : 2185
Authors : Dr C V Ghule, MrsSuhasini S D, Mrs Jewel Samanta
Creating A Video Streamer App On Android Mobile Phones
| Total Downloads : 3060
Authors : M.Adimoolam, M.Gunashanthi, K.Hemachandran
An Implementation Of Elliptic Curve Cryptography
| Total Downloads : 1546
Authors : P. K. Sahoo, Dr. R. K. Chhotray, Dr. Gunamani Jena, Dr. S. Pattnaik
Optimization Of Air Inlet Angle For Increase The Effectiveness Of Induced Draught Cross Flow Cooling Tower
| Total Downloads : 1095
Authors : Ravindra kirar, Dilip vaghela, Hitesh Patel
A Comparative Study Of LPCC And MFCC Features For The Recognition Of Assamese Phonemes
| Total Downloads : 3537
Authors : Utpal Bhattacharjee
Design & Development Of Rotary Fixture For CNC With An Approach Of Developing Pre-Mortem Tool For Mass Balancing
| Total Downloads : 893
Authors : N. P. Maniar, D. P. Vakharia
A Study On Machining Of Al 6061/Sic (10%) Composite By Electro Chemical Discharge Machining (ECDM) Process
| Total Downloads : 1409
Authors : Gaurav Chigal, GauravSaini, Doordarshi Singh
Production Of Bioethanol From Mango Peel
| Total Downloads : 4987
Authors : Walia N. K, Bedi S. S, Kundu. K, Karmakar. R
A Study Of Interphases Of Adhesive Joints By Ultrasonic Guided Waves
| Total Downloads : 422
Authors : Hemantha Lakshmi M, Mallika M. S. L. R
Matching Of Dental Panoramic Radiographs Based On The Dental Work Information
| Total Downloads : 756
Authors : Aqsa Ajaz, Kathirvelu. D

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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