Vol.2 - Issue 2 (February - 2013)

An Index Survey With Semantic Retrieval Text Document Taxonomy
| Total Downloads : 1148
Authors : S.Sivakumar, Dr.C.Chandrasekar
Design and Implementation of a Cloud based TeleDermatology System
| Total Downloads : 2466
Authors : Mr. Amitav Mahapatra, Mr. Manoranjan Dash
A New Topology For A Single Phase 21 Level Multi Level Inverter Using Reduced Number Of Switches
| Total Downloads : 3059
Authors : Jithin.J.I, A.Benuel Sathish Raj
Rationality of Social Action of the Yogyakarta Palace’s Courtiers
| Total Downloads : 458
Authors : Sindung Haryanto
Proposed Efficient and Enhanced Algorithm in Cloud Computing
| Total Downloads : 1574
Authors : Tejinder Sharma, Dr.Vijay Kumar Banga
Fast Search Algorithm Based Anti-collision Technique For RFID Passive Tag’s
| Total Downloads : 817
Authors : C.Karunakara, Dr.K.Soundara rajan
Bayesian Classifier Based Letter Recognition
| Total Downloads : 725
Authors : Twaha Kabika
ICT Force Towards The Indian I.T. Software Entrepreneurship
| Total Downloads : 500
Authors : Sheela Bhatt
ANFIS Controller and Its Application
| Total Downloads : 2701
Authors : Akhil V. Gite, Raksha M. Bodade, Bhagyashri M. Raut
An Approach on Single-Stage High Power Factor Electronic Ballast for Metal Halide Lamps- A Survey
| Total Downloads : 873
Authors : K.Megaladevi, K.N Vijeya Kumar, V.Sumathy
RTL Design and Implementation of BPSK Modulation at Low Bit Rate
| Total Downloads : 2283
Authors : Nehal .A.Ranabhatt, Sudhir Agarwal, Priyesh.P.Gandhi
Effect of Manufacture sand on Strength Characteristics of Roller Compacted Concrete
| Total Downloads : 3392
Authors : S.KrishnaRao, Dr.T. ChandraSekharRao, Dr.P.Sravana
Eco-Friendly Agri-Friend Robot With Solar Tracking System:-Protection Against Wild Birds And Animals For Farmer Field With Farmer Identification System
| Total Downloads : 654
Authors : Shankar N. Isal
Flexural Behaviour of SIFCON Beams
| Total Downloads : 1132
Authors : Jayashree.S.M, Rakul Bharatwaj.R, Dr. Helen Santhi.M
Data-a-Service and their Security Concerns in Cloud
| Total Downloads : 333
Authors : Vivek Bhushan, Aarti Khetan, Subhash Chand Gupta
Certain Explorations On Removal Of Rain Streaks Using Morphological Component Analysis
| Total Downloads : 772
Authors : Jaina George, S.Bhavani, Dr.J.Jaya
Waste Plastic Will Not Be the Waste Anymore
| Total Downloads : 511
Authors : Gaurav, Abhishek Godara, Amita Choudhary
Studies On Swelling And Stretching Of Cotton Yarns With Particular Reference To Their Structure And Tensile Properties
| Total Downloads : 342
Authors : G.R.Poongodi, Y.C.Radhalakshmi, V.Subramaniam
Data Mining Applications in Master Health Checkup: A Statistical Exploration
| Total Downloads : 661
Authors : G. Manimannan, S. Hari, G.Vijaythiraviyam
Remote Irrigation and Vaccination System
| Total Downloads : 511
Authors : Rajlakshmi Patil, Shilpa Thakare, Vrushali Vaidya, Geeta Gupta

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