Vol.2 - Issue 12 (December - 2013)

An Energy Efficient Protocol for Evaluating Performance of Cluster Based WSN
| Total Downloads : 892
Authors : Harjasdeep Singh, Jasdeep Singh
Effects of the Position and the Inclination of the Hole in Thin Plate on the Stress Concentration Factor
| Total Downloads : 720
Authors : Mohammed Diany
Exploring the Redistribution Classes of a Package with an Approach Based on Formal Concept Analysis
| Total Downloads : 445
Authors : Lala Madiha Hakik, Rachid El Harti
Context Based Indexing in Text Summarization Using Lexical Association
| Total Downloads : 570
Authors : Dipti D. Pawar, Prof. M. S. Bewoor, Dr. S. H. Patil
Behaviour of Normal, Medium and High Strength Fibrous RC Slab Under Flexure
| Total Downloads : 2666
Authors : Manjunath Shevatkar, B. K. Kolhapure
Comparative Study on Behaviour of Medium and High Strength Concrete Beam with and Without fiber Under Flexure
| Total Downloads : 461
Authors : Shivanand Jalade, B. K. Kolhapure
Calc Redirection : A Structure for Direction Finding Aided Traffic Monitoring
| Total Downloads : 289
Authors : Paparao Sanapathi, P. Satheesh
Stress Analysis of Composite Spur Gear
| Total Downloads : 2222
Authors : Shanavas S.
Effect of Tempering Heat Treatment Process Parameters on Power Transmission Chain Parts Made Up of SAE 1050
| Total Downloads : 365
Authors : Gaurav Soni
Analysis on Reducing the Induced Drag Using the Winglet at the Wingtip
| Total Downloads : 1307
Authors : Alekhya Bojja, Parthasarathy Garre
Effect Of Fly Ash In Agricultural Field On Soil Properties And Crop Productivity - A Review
| Total Downloads : 1671
Authors : Suresh Murugan, Murugaiyan Vijayarangam
Malware and Malware Detection Techniques : A Survey
| Total Downloads : 2359
Authors : Jyoti Landage, Prof. M. P. Wankhade
'Optical Cogwheel' And 'Defocused Beam' for 2D Multiparticle Patterned Trapping
| Total Downloads : 283
Authors : Ranjeet Kumar, Brijesh Kumar Singh, Rakesh Kumar Singh, Dalip Singh Mehta
Statistical and Predictive Analysis of R&D In India
| Total Downloads : 253
Authors : Jalem Raj Rohit, Desidi Siva Prakash
FTIR Analysis of Infrared Irradiated Polymers
| Total Downloads : 215
Authors : Meenakshi Choudhary, Sangeeta Prasher, Mukesh kumar
Factors Affecting Academic Performance of BS Astronomy Technology Students
| Total Downloads : 672
Authors : Prof. Ruby-Ann B. Dela Cruz, Prof. Ryan Manuel D. Guido
Turbo Product Coding and Encryption Technique for Image Transmission
| Total Downloads : 375
Authors : Anita Lahane, Dr. B. K Mishra, Prof. Zahir Aalam
Information Sharing System using Cloud for Education
| Total Downloads : 421
Authors : Bhagyashri C. Allagi, Dr. R. B. Kulkarni
Belt Conveyor with Pick and Place Mechanism
| Total Downloads : 882
Authors : Sushanth Kanbail Srinivas
An Efficient Advanced High Speed Full-Adder Using Modified GDI Technique
| Total Downloads : 711
Authors : Menakadevi

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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