Vol.2 - Issue 8 (August - 2013)

Strength Characteristics Of Concrete Made With Rice Husk Ash As Partial Replacement Of Cement Using Periwinkle Shell As Coarse Aggregate
| Total Downloads : 1157
Authors : Calistus Ayegba
A Review Paper On Solar Energy Opearted Vapour Absorption System Using LiBr-H2O
| Total Downloads : 4158
Authors : Joydeep Chakraborty, Dr V. K. Bajpai
A Secure Data Transmission For Multiagent System Using Digital Signature
| Total Downloads : 913
Authors : Prof. Krishnalal G, Jisha Babu
Assessment Of Structural Soundness And Feasibility Of Additional Floor Over The Existing Administration Building- Case Study
| Total Downloads : 1243
Authors : Ajay Kumar B P, Mr. K. N. Vishwanath
Magnification Tools: Surgical Operating Microscope And Magnifying Loupe In Dental Practice
| Total Downloads : 2702
Authors : Dr. Ranjana Mohan, Dr. Mohan Gundappa
Knowledge Extraction From Radiology Report Using Text Mining
| Total Downloads : 800
Authors : Ms. Abhilasha T. Borkar, Prof. Archana A. Nikose
Low Power AES Algorithm Implementation For Wireless Communication
| Total Downloads : 841
Authors : Supratim Saha
A Modified Approach For Cryptograpic Hash Function Based On MD5 Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 802
Authors : Amita Pandey
Development And Characterization Of Copper-Coated Basalt Fiber Reinforced Aluminium Alloy Composites
| Total Downloads : 943
Authors : S. Ezhil Vannan, S. Paul Vizhian
The Study Of Prevalance Of Childhood Obesity And Associated Risk Factors In School Going Children Of Aurangabad Munciple Corporation Area
| Total Downloads : 529
Authors : Dr. Dhole Subhash Shahaji, Mundada V. D
Constraint Satisfaction Problems In Constraint Programming
| Total Downloads : 904
Authors : Amey Kelkar
An Analytical Approach To Abate Routing Aggressions In MANET
| Total Downloads : 426
Authors : Sreekanth Danda, K. Ravi Chand
Importance Of Value Stream Mapping For Improvement In Inner Wheel Housing Manufacturing Line
| Total Downloads : 800
Authors : Sudhir Dalal, Dr. R. M. Belokar
Mechanical Properties Of Friction Stir Welded 6061 Aluminium Alloy
| Total Downloads : 1593
Authors : Rohit Kumar, Ratnesh Kumar Raj Singh, Dr. A K Bajpai
Survey On Location Anonymization Algorithms For Wsn
| Total Downloads : 365
Authors : Giri M. S, Prof. Chirchi V. R
The Application Of TCSC To Improve ATC Of Power Transmission Network By Using Genetic Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 963
Authors : Shivakumara N, Dr. K. S. Aprameya
Up–Stroke Theory
| Total Downloads : 343
Authors : Vassil V. Kojouharov
Feature Extraction For Agglomerative Clustering
| Total Downloads : 373
Authors : V. Menaka, J. Mary Dallfin Bruxella
Overview Of Automated Reverse Engineering Of Legacy Database System
| Total Downloads : 440
Authors : Tanu Arora
Analysis On Cooling Water Circuit Of A Compressor House – A Case Study
| Total Downloads : 557
Authors : Mohd Anees Siddiqui, Md Shakibul Haque

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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