Vol.2 - Issue 4 (April - 2013)

To Improve Bit Error Rate (BER) Of Adaptive Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (AOFDM) Systems Under Different Channels By Using Convolutional Coding
| Total Downloads : 1344
Authors : Amruta S. Dhole, Prof. Priti Subramanium
Numerical And Experimental Study Of Helix Heat Exchanger
| Total Downloads : 2135
Authors : C. Sivarajan, B. Rajasekaran, N. Krishnamohan
A Review On Design, Analysis And Manufacturing Of Spiral Bevel Gear
| Total Downloads : 3525
Authors : R. M. Jadeja, D. M. Chauhan
Image-Based Intelligent Attendance Logging System
| Total Downloads : 983
Authors : Pallavi R Patil, Prof. P. H. Zope, Prof. S. R. Suralkar,Mr. Jayant V. Varade
Automatic Number Plate Recognition Using Smart Phones
| Total Downloads : 2419
Authors : Amita Mundhe, Jayashree Otari
A Survey: Wireless Mobile Technology Generations With 5G
| Total Downloads : 3794
Authors : Ms. Sachi Pandey, Manoj Kumar, Atendra Panwar, Ishita Singh
Some New Separation Axioms In Ideal Topological Spaces
| Total Downloads : 1605
Authors : R. Balaji, N. Rajesh
Fully Automatic Detection Of Liver Lesions In Real Abdominal CT Images
| Total Downloads : 1355
Authors : Devendra Joshi, Dr. Narendra D. Londhe
Interface Implementation Of Manufacturing Industry Agile Supply Chain Nodes Based On Service Agent
| Total Downloads : 648
Authors : Sajeeb Rahiman A.H
Steady State And Dynamic Behavior Of DC/AC Ideal Half Bridge Two Level Voltage Source Converter
| Total Downloads : 815
Authors : Prof. P. Swaminathan
HCM-Ambassador Dispatching And Seeking Methods In Manets
| Total Downloads : 317
Authors : D. M. D. Preethi
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Implementation On Industries
| Total Downloads : 470
Authors : Faisal. M. H
Performance Evalution For Routing Protocols In Mobile Adhoc Networks(Manets) By Using Network Simulator 2 (NS Version 2)
| Total Downloads : 1070
Authors : Mr. V. Anji Reddy, Ms. M. Mercy Monica, Mr. S. Bhargav
Effect Of Honing Process Parameters On Surface Quality Of Engine Cylinder Liners
| Total Downloads : 2924
Authors : Pankaj S. Chavan, Prof. M. S. Harne
Design Of Cryptographic Processor For Security Algorithm Operations
| Total Downloads : 493
Authors : M. Praveen Kumar, R. Ashwitha, N. Jyosna, M. Pavani
New Idea In Waterfall Model For Real Time Software Development
| Total Downloads : 2657
Authors : Unnati A. Patel, Niky K. Jain
Ventricular Synchronous Demand Pacemaker
| Total Downloads : 1518
Authors : Aditya. R, Sharath Kumar. B. V
Traffic Admission System For Ambulances Using NS-2
| Total Downloads : 804
Authors : Dr. Thimmaraju S N, Abhilanchana N Yashika, Nandini Prasad K S
Reinforced Concrete Beam’s Contribution On Sustainable Buildings
| Total Downloads : 944
Authors : Mahdi Moharrami Meynagh, Seyed Esmaeil Mohammadian Yasouj, Abdul Kadir Bin Marsono
Properties Of Multivalent Holomorphic Functions And Some Results For Univalent Functions Defined By A Generalized Salagean Operator
| Total Downloads : 317
Authors : Dr. S. M. Khairnar, R. A. Sukne

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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