Vol.1 - Issue 7 (September - 2012)

Evaluation of Artificial Neural Networks
| Total Downloads : 1754
Authors : Kayamkhani Taher Abbasbhai, CH. Nova Vijay, Jhanwar Sourabh
The Analytic Hierarchy Process Based Supplier Selection Approach for Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment Systems
| Total Downloads : 1011
Authors : Rajesh A. Kubde, Dr. SatishV. Bansod
Economic load dispatch with valvepoint effects and Ramp rates using New Approach in PSO
| Total Downloads : 1205
Authors : V.Mahidhar, G.Sreenivasulu reddy
Run length encoding and bit mask based Data Compression and Decompression Using Verilog
| Total Downloads : 3249
Production and Application of Biogas as a Gaseous Fuel for Internal Combustion Engines
| Total Downloads : 4038
Authors : Debabrata Barik, S. Murugan
Input Power Factor Improvement for Matrix Converter using Direct-SVM Based
| Total Downloads : 1392
Authors : Malgireddy Ravi, Palarapu Sravan Kumar
A Hyper-pipelining Approach For High-speed Single-micro-pipeline Design For Hybrid Multiplier
| Total Downloads : 1538
Authors : Uday Arun, A. K. Sinha, K.S. Yadav
Reconstruction of 3D Sparse images using Non-linear Filtering Compressed Sensing 3D Techniques
| Total Downloads : 1109
Authors : Srinivasareddy Putluri
Designing And Control Mechanism Of Zigbee Based Automatic Meter Reading
| Total Downloads : 2251
Authors : Dr.Shaik Meeravali, Nagireddy.S, Rajitha S
Implementation Of Mmse Equalizer Using Variants Of Lms
| Total Downloads : 2486
Authors : Ch.Sridevi, K. Anusha
A Study On Scientific Application Of Data Mining
| Total Downloads : 650
Authors : H S Venkatesh Prasad, Madhu B K, Lokesha V
Identification Of Epidemic Dengue Through Spatial Mining And Visualization With Map Server
| Total Downloads : 519
Authors : G.Prasanthi, J.Maha Lakshmi, M.Raj Kumar, N.Sridhar Babu
Analyzing Proactive Secret Sharing Schemes
| Total Downloads : 1109
Authors : Sonali Patil, Nikita Rana, Dhara Patel, Prajol Hodge
Blind Image Watermarking Using a Sample Projection Approach
| Total Downloads : 1724
Authors : Ramesh Karri, Ch.Revathi
An Experimental Verification Of Performance Improvement In Inverter Design By Using Accelerated Particle Swarm Optimization Technique
| Total Downloads : 645
Authors : Madichetty Sreedhar, A.Dasgupta
Overview Of Ewaste Management Practices And Their Legislations In India
| Total Downloads : 1335
Authors : Priyadharshini.S, B.Haganesh, Dr.T.Meenambal
Drying Rate Analysis Of Different Size Paddy Processed Under Various Drying Conditions In L.s.u Dryer
| Total Downloads : 3800
Authors : Shekhar F.Lilhare, Dr. N.G.Bawane
Digital Control of DC – DC Buck Converter
| Total Downloads : 3331
Authors : Smruthi M Krishnan, Prof. Vasudeva Banninthaya K
A Comparison of Extended and Unscented Kalman Filters for the State Estimation of Induction Motor Drives
| Total Downloads : 1272
Authors : D.Sleeva Reddy, K.Ankalamma, M.Vijaya Kumar
Assessment Of Physico-chemical Properties Of Ground Water In Granite Mining Areas In Jhansi, U.P.
| Total Downloads : 2464
Authors : Manjesh Kumar, Ramesh Kumar

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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