Vol.1 - Issue 8 (October - 2012)

Performance Improvement Of A Louver-Finned Automobile Radiator Using Conjugate Thermal CFD Analysis
| Total Downloads : 6362
Authors : Junjanna G.C. Dr. N Kulasekharan, Dr. H.R. Purushotham
Investigation And Analysis Of New Energy Efficient Routing Method For WSN
| Total Downloads : 1072
Authors : Megha Agrawal, Dr. Biplab Sarkar
Implementation Of Effective Defect Tracking System In Software Egineering
| Total Downloads : 2852
Authors : Kankanala Raja, K.Praveen
Measurement Of Service Quality In Healthcare Organization
| Total Downloads : 5012
Authors : Dinesh Amjeriya, Rakesh Kumar Malviya
Effect Of Elevated Temperature On Mechanical Properties Of High Strength Self Compacting Concrete
| Total Downloads : 3465
Authors : R.VASUSMITHA, Dr.P.Srinivasa Rao
The Study Of Thermal Stability And Decomposition In Cadmium Oxalate Single Crystals
| Total Downloads : 1185
Authors : Babita A. Saiyed
Analysis And Design Of Pyramidal Roof Slab
| Total Downloads : 4982
Authors : S.S.PATIL, A.R. Kondekar
A Modified Adaptive Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm For Brain MR Image Segmentation
| Total Downloads : 2973
Authors : M. Ganesh, V. Palanisamy
Performance Evaluation of Ambassador Car Spark Ignition Engine Using Aniline-Petrol Blends
| Total Downloads : 924
Authors : Faraz A Khan, Sameer Usmani, Omar A Siddiqui, Salman M Khan
Genetic Algorithms In VLSI Floorplanning
| Total Downloads : 1755
Authors : Chinmay Gore, Fiona Britto, Mandar Raje
Real Time Image Security For Mobile Communication Using Image Steganography
| Total Downloads : 1418
Authors : Mrs. Richa Raja Gautam, Prof. Rakesh Kumar Khare
Power-Management Strategies For A Grid-Connected PV-FC Hybrid Systems
| Total Downloads : 2764
Authors : B.Vishnu Priya, G.Vijay Kumar
Sense, Think And Act Of A Robotic Module Based On Labview
| Total Downloads : 709
Authors : P.Naresh, T. Vasudeva Reddy
Oil And Gas Production Optimization And Reducing Harmful Gas Emissions By Hybrid Lift Technology
| Total Downloads : 499
Authors : Siraj Bhatkar, Dr. L. K Kshirsagar, U Mithun Charavarthi
Area Efficient Fixed Width Modified Booth Multiplier
| Total Downloads : 1963
Authors : E. L. K. Priya, Prof. P. Lakshmi Sarojini, G. Rajesh Kumar
Use Of Internet Technology
| Total Downloads : 486
Authors : Dr. Naresh C. Patel
A Performance Evaluation Of IEEE 802.16e Networks For TCP And UDP Traffics
| Total Downloads : 1077
Authors : Ali Nawaz Naqvi, Ash Mohammad Abbas, Tofik Ali Chouhan
Design And Analysis Of Corrugated Steel Sandwich Structures Using Ansys Workbench
| Total Downloads : 4409
Authors : A.Gopichand, Dr.G.Krishnaiah, B.Mahesh Krishna, Dr.Diwakar Reddy.V, A.V.N.L.Sharma
Applying Statistical Techniques To Analyze Discount Based Data Of Shopping Malls
| Total Downloads : 687
Authors : Komal V.Kumawat, Prof. L.M.R.J.Lobo
An Image Fusion Technique For Colour Images Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
| Total Downloads : 1742

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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