Vol.1 - Issue 9 (November - 2012)

Portfolio Return Modelling Using ANFIS
| Total Downloads : 3864
Authors : Dimple Bohra, Shalini Bhatia
Maximizing User Experience While Navigating Query Results Through Concept Hierarchies
| Total Downloads : 693
Authors : Ravikumarreddy. B
Front End To Back End VLSI Design For Convolution Encoder
| Total Downloads : 1288
Authors : Pravin S. Tupkari, Prof. A. S. Joshi
A Survey On Spatial & Temporal Reasoning In Computer Science Using Data Mining(Strcsdm)
| Total Downloads : 651
Authors : P. Sathish Saravanan
Design And Implementation Of APB Bridge Based On AMBA AXI 4.0
| Total Downloads : 1998
Authors : Santhi Priya Sarekokku , K.Rajasekhar
Stress Analysis of Mating Involute Spur Gear Teeth
| Total Downloads : 9273
Authors : Sushil Kumar Tiwari, Upendra Kumar Joshi
Cluster Distance Bound for High Dimensional Indexing
| Total Downloads : 657
Authors : Shivaprasad B, Dr. R.V.Krishnaiah
Performance Evaluation Of Strained Si/Sige N-Channel Mosfet
| Total Downloads : 720
Authors : Rakhi Sharma, Ajay Kumar Yadav, Dr.D.B.Ojha, Vishal Upmanu
Filtering Techniques for Reduction of Power Line Interference in Electrocardiogram Signals
| Total Downloads : 1874
Authors : N. M.Verulkar, P. H. Zope, S. R. Suralkar
Fuzzy Clustering For The Problems Faced By IT Professionals Due To Work Pressure In Their IT Field
| Total Downloads : 731
Authors : M.Geethalakshmi, A.Rajkumar, N.Joseparvinpraveena
Study of Maximum Acceptable Weight of Lift for Indian Male Industrial Workers
| Total Downloads : 1062
Authors : Jaswinder Singh, Dr. P Kalra, Dr. R S Walia
Decay of Energy of MHD Turbulence For Four-Point Correlation
| Total Downloads : 398
Authors : M. A. Bkar PK, M. A. K. Azad, M.S.Alam Sarker
Investigation To Examine Electromagnetic Interference On Bio-Products: Past And Current Perspectives And Activities
| Total Downloads : 469
Authors : Abhijit Dey, Peta Venkateswararao, Vijay Kambam
Linear Connections on Manifold Admitting F (2k + P, P)-Structure
| Total Downloads : 309
Authors : Ram Swaroop, Abhishek Singh, Prakash Kumar
Strategies For The Successful Lean Manufacturing Implementation: A Case Study In A Malaysian Automotive Parts Manufacturing
| Total Downloads : 1041
Authors : Eida Nadirah Roslin, Shamsuddin Ahmed , Siti Zawiah Md. Dawal, Norjamalullail Tamri
Efficiency Improvement of WRIM Using DSP Controller By Adding Rotor Capacitance
| Total Downloads : 514
Authors : D. Muralidharan, P. Anitha Rani, R. Aswani
Application of Genetic Algorithm For Optimal Load Dispatch With Non Smooth Cost Equations (CCPP)
| Total Downloads : 1071
Authors : Y.Rajendra Babu, Dr.M.Venugopal Rao
Behavior of Composite Nanofluids Under Extreme Pressure Condition
| Total Downloads : 801
Authors : Kh. Gopal Krishna Singh, R. Suresh
Energy Efficient Street Lighting Control System
| Total Downloads : 2992
Authors : S.Vijayakumar, S.Kartthik Srinivas
Modeling And Control of Grid-Connected Hybrid Photovoltaic/Battery Distributed Generation System
| Total Downloads : 4543
Authors : B. K. Prusty, Dr S M Ali, D. K. Sahoo

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