Vol.1 - Issue 3 ( May- 2012)

Extracting Data Through Webmining
| Total Downloads : 2498
Authors : Mrs.Bhanu Bhardwaj
Semantic Keyword Search on XML
| Total Downloads : 1266
Authors : S.Sundaramoorthy,M.Kowsigan, J.Rajesh Kumar ,C.V.Arulkumar
Image Segmentation Using Nearest Neighbor Classifiers Based On Kernel Formation For Medical Images
| Total Downloads : 2053
Authors : R. Harini
To Find A 2-Tuple Dominating Set Of An Induced Subgraph Of A Non-Split Dominating Set Of An Interval Graph Using An Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 816
Authors : Dr.A.Sudhakaraiah, E. Gnana Deepika, V. Rama Latha
Computer Aided Analysis of Multiple Cylindrical Shell Structure Using Different Parameters
| Total Downloads : 3364
Authors : Ravindra Rai,Dr. Umesh Pendharkar
Investigations on Thermodynamic Behavior of CO2 Laser Cutting process
| Total Downloads : 1526
Authors : Pawan Mishra, Dr.Tasmeem Ahmad Khan
Topology vs Position based Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad hoc Networks: A Survey
| Total Downloads : 3927
Authors : Sonam Jain,Sandeep Sahu
Application of Wood Chip Producer Gas and Bio-diesel Blends In CI Engine
| Total Downloads : 2312
Authors : Prof. Sharad P. Bargat,Prof. Pravin S. Wagh,Prof. Uday A. Kakde
A Reliable Service Oriented System Based On The Present SMS Technology
| Total Downloads : 1137
Authors : Mohit Kumar, Abhishek Gupta,Vikas Kumar Tiwari.
Design FIR Filter with Signed Power of Two Terms Using MATLAB
| Total Downloads : 2486
Authors : Sangita Solank
Disaster Risk Index (DRI) for Tropical Cyclone of Bangladesh
| Total Downloads : 2118
Authors : Shamim Ara Bobby
A Robust Side Invariant Technique of Indian Paper Currency Recognition
| Total Downloads : 1807
Authors : Chetan.B.V,Dr. P.A.Vijaya
An Electromyography analysis of lower limb muscles for different locomotion activities
| Total Downloads : 1448
Authors : Jeevika, Amit Srivastava and R.P.Tewari
Simulated Annealing Based Optimization for Solving Large Scale Economic Load Dispatch Problems
| Total Downloads : 1954
Authors : Kamlesh Kumar Vishwakarma,Hari Mohan Dubey
Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch with Emission and Loss using GAMS
| Total Downloads : 2894
Authors : Devendra Bisen,Hari Mohan Dubey
Applying Semantic Web Mining Technologies In Personalized E-Learning
| Total Downloads : 1164
Authors : Mr. Dushyant Rathod, Mr. Ramesh Prajapati , Mrs. Archana Singh
A Dynamic Election Strategy In Distributed System
| Total Downloads : 1069
Authors : Heta Jasmin Jhaveri, Prof. Sanjay Shah
Scour-Mechanism, Detection and Mitigation for Subsea Pipeline Integrity
| Total Downloads : 3787
Authors : Adarsh Kumar Arya,B. Shingan
Optimization of Dynamics Parameters and the Effect of Sway Angles in Hydraulic Crane Hook
| Total Downloads : 1163
Need and Importance of Networking in Engineering College Libraries of Gujarat : A Plan
| Total Downloads : 1420

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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